Philadelphia 76ers' Lowly Record Is Affecting Their All-Star Game Votes

By Alan Gung
Evan Turner
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The first returns are in for the NBA All-Star game, and no one from the Philadelphia 76ers is remotely close to the top. Surprisingly Evan Turner, not Michael Carter-Williams, is the lone Sixer to receive a decent amount of votes.

Though this is a popularity contest both players deserve more votes. A big part of the problem for the lacking votes is the Sixers’ atrocious record. The Sixers are 7-16 sitting near the bottom of the league. However, it’s truly a popularity contest since the 6-15 New York Knicks‘ forward Carmelo Anthony is third in the Eastern conference with over 424,000 votes.

No one from the Sixers will start for the East. Carter-Williams and Spencer Hawes have the best chance of being selected to come off the bench. Carter-Williams is having an amazing season leading the league in steals with 3.13 per game as well as being in the top 10 in assists averaging 7.3 per game.

Hawes has also become one of the East’s best big men. He’s having a career season averaging 15.3 points, 9.5 rebounds, 1.62 blocks and 10 double-doubles. Not many centers are posting stats as high as Hawes. The only problem is the All-Star game allows forwards to replace centers in the front-court so Hawes’ chances are slimmer.

Turner scores more points and grabs more rebounds, but his efficiency rating isn’t nearly as high as Carter-Williams who averages 19.1. Carter-Williams’ numbers have not been impressive enough to grab the attention of the fans.

If the Sixers start winning games things should change with voting. The problem is Carter-Williams has been injured so fans won’t have as many chances to see him post big numbers like he’s been doing all season.

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