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5 Reasons The Chicago Bulls Will Not Miss The Playoffs

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5 Reasons The Chicago Bulls Will Not Miss The Playoffs

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The Chicago Bulls' season hasn't gone according to plan. It's actually been an adventure for the Bulls. We all should know by now about the season-ending knee injury to Derrick Rose. This latest setback has put a major blow to the Bulls immediate and future plans. It has also affected the Bulls psychologically because this was supposed to be that championship run. But as always in sports, there are never any guarantees you will be fortunate to have a good bill of health all season.

The Bulls have faced more than their fair share of injuries this season. Jimmy Butler, who just came back to the lineup, had been out 11 games with a toe injury. Luol Deng, the Bulls leader after Rose went down, is currently nursing a sore Achilles. He has missed the last few games and the Bulls can't afford to miss him long-term. Joakim Noah also sat out a game because of a sore thigh muscle. But no one is feeling sorry for the Bulls because they still have to play the games.

Coach Tom Thibodeau has always preached and raved about the Bulls still have enough to compete. That theory is being put to the test this season because the depth is not as deep like the years before. The Bulls' depth is being tried because of the injuries keep mounting up, but you will never see a coach Thibodeau led team not compete. No matter who is out there, the Bulls will never give up and will always give their all.

This all leads to why the Bulls will not miss the playoffs. They have too much pride and heart not to compete for a spot in the playoffs. These are the five reasons the Bulls will make the playoffs.

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5. The Core Is Still Intact

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The core that went to the second round of the playoffs is still intact; Deng, Carlos Boozer, Noah, Hinrich, Butler and Gibson. This group has faced this type of pressure before without their leader, D. Rose. As long as the injuries don't keep piling up, this group will be the ones leading the Bulls to the playoffs.

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4. Bottom Half of the Eastern Conference Is Very Weak

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The Eastern Conference hasn't been up to its usual standards this season. Other than two teams, Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat are over .500 at this point. The Bulls should not be fearful of any other teams in the middle of the pack. The Bulls have enough talent to snag a spot between 3-8.

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3. Have Enough To Win With

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This is always been coach Thibodeau's model, we have enough to win with. People have scoffed at this notion this season, but the system is still in place and it gets results. That's why fans shouldn't be surprised when the Bulls make the playoffs.

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2. Defense

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This will always be the Bulls' weapon and no team wants to face that type of stifling defense. They are still ranked in the top three in defense. They are still elite on defense and it can carry them a long way.

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1. They Won't Tank

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This topic has come up more often since Rose's season-ending injury. Should the Bulls' tank the season? This question should never be asked as long as Thibodeau is coaching. This Bulls organization has too much pride and heart to do such a blatant thing like tanking.