Brooklyn Nets Show Encouraging Effort Despite Losing To Detroit Pistons

By Mike B. Ruiz
Raj Mehta-USA Today Sports

The three-game win streak put together by the Brooklyn Nets may have been snapped last night, but their newfound energy streak was not.

And that, in itself, is a reason for continued optimism.

Coming off their most impressive win of the season Thursday night over the Los Angeles Clippers, 102-93, the Nets made their way to the Motor City on Friday to take on the Detroit Pistons, falling short 103-99.

Unlike most teams across the league, spirited effort hasn’t been a basic element within Brooklyn’s play for most of the season. If their paychecks were a reflection of the intensity they usually lack, most of the players would realize they need to bring a much more generous helping of it on a near nightly basis. The multitude of embarrassing blowout losses speak for themselves.

And before tipoff last night, no one would’ve been shocked to see Jason Kidd’s crew look as flat as a piece of paper. After all, they were on the road in the second of a back-to-back coming off the type of win that is usually a precursor to a major disappointment about 24 hours later.

Oh yeah, not to mention, Brook Lopez was out with an ankle injury suffered against the Clippers.

It was disappointing due to the fact that the Nets did lose the ball game, but it wasn’t the sort of wondrous disappointment that had been this team’s shadow through the previous 22 games.

Finding themselves down double-digits, Brooklyn fought back to the best of their ability and at least gave themselves a puncher’s chance within the last minute.

That’s been pretty rare during this squad’s losses.

That means there was still a silver lining to be taken away — even after losing.

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