Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers Slept on Geriatric Brooklyn Nets

By christopherbrown
Anthony Gruppuso USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers slept on the Brooklyn Nets and paid dearly. The geriatric Nets played like the team many around the NBA thought would make their final curtain call in the NBA Finals, while their point guard, Deron Williams, played just well enough to remind everyone why being mentioned in the same breath as the Clippers’ Chris Paul means you’re not quite Chris Paul.

The Nets go as Williams goes. Nets forwards Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are just trying to make their way south to West Palm Beach, Florida where they’ll trade in their sneakers for white loafers and dress socks. Yet, Williams was outplayed by Paul on his much deserved day off. I wouldn’t dare insinuate that Paul opted not to show up, but facing a 8-15 Nets team in the trenches of seven game road trips can bring about some complacently or even boredom in the most competitive player.

The Clippers are on pace to win 50 games this season. In past campaigns it would assure a team an invitation to the Spring Formal with no drink tickets. This is a different year, however, when the scrubs of the Western Conference are teams like the 10-12 Memphis Grizzlies team that helped Paul knock two strokes off his golf game while they were in route to a Western Conference Finals to face the San Antonio Spurs.

This season, health and home-court are more valuable than wins in so-called marquee match-ups scheduled by the league’s big shots to hype their brand.

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