Kobe Bryant Playing Point Guard for Los Angeles Lakers is a Lose-Lose Situation

By Michael Pidgeon
Bryant & Durant
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The Los Angeles Lakers‘ point guard situation is something that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. In last night’s blowout loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kobe Bryant was the starting point guard for the Lakers. Although Bryant was able to tally 13 assists, having Kobe play point guard is a lose-lose situation for both the Lakers and Kobe.

Starting point guard Steve Nash is suffering from nerve root irritation which continues to keep him out indefinitely but ultimately may end the future Hall of Famer’s career. While Nash has struggled this season with his production and injuries, backups Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar filled in nicely.

Blake’s elbow is going to keep the combo guard out for close to six weeks. Being able to play both the point and shooting guard positions has been something that keeps Blake in the rotation every single game. The fact he’s still giving quality production at the age of 33 is a key factor in how good the Lakers’ bench truly is.

The only ray of sunshine in all of this is the idea that Farmar is close to returning. The odds of Jordan playing on the Lakers’ upcoming road trip is slim to none. However, as soon as Los Angeles returns home again expect Farmar to get reevaluated, and if he’s cleared we may be seeing Jordan back in the Lakers’ rotation sooner than expected. That can’t occur soon enough for the Lakers.

Even when Farmar returns, the Lakers are still going to need additional help at point guard because Bryant isn’t the answer. Kobe can dish assists, but Los Angeles needs their superstar to focus on scoring if the Lakers wish to have a shot at a postseason berth.

With the friction between head coach Mike D’Antoni and starting forward/center Pau Gasol, maybe Gasol could be used as trade bait to help improve Los Angeles’ point guard issues. Either way, the Lakers need to get point guard help because in the end it will help both the team and allow Kobe to do what he does best: Score.

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