Los Angeles Clippers Are Learning That Effort, Defense Travels Better Than a Jump-Shot

By christopherbrown
Anthony Gruppuso USA TODAY Sports

The only comforting thing about a long road trip is that it’ll eventually end back where it started — home. For the Los Angeles Clippers, home is 70 degrees, sunny and an 8-2 record. Certainly elite teams look forward to the challenge of competing against their league peers in front their family and friends. But there’s nothing like a familiar bed, neighborhood cup of joe and clean underwear.

There’s no secret that the best shooters in the world are as efficient as a kid in a carnival when it come to making baskets on foreign hardwood. League officials assure that the rim is 10-foot throughout the league, yet the 32 percent shooting nightmare the Clippers displayed in against the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier in their road trip would suggest otherwise. Perhaps Cleveland pulled a fast one and started using the metric system.

Defense is one aspect of the game that translates wherever there’s a ball and basket. The Clippers are slowly understanding this concept as the season progresses. Before the signing of Stephen Jackson, head coach Doc Rivers was the only Clipper with championship experience, therefore, when he opened training camp with lectures of defense on a loop, there wasn’t a clear distinction between himself and every other cliche walking NBA sidelines.

Yet, one of life’s dirty little secrets is that for every cliche, there’s a bit of truth: Basketball players are generally tall, there’s no such thing as a pass-first shooting guard and defense takes effort. Defense travels and never gets cold.

Monday, the Clippers return home to face the four- time champion San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are a veteran team and arguably the the most explosive below-the-rim team in the league. Yet, they have the second best record in the league by simply refusing to let their opponent score.

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