Marcin Gortat Having Issue With Inconsistency With Washington Wizards

By Cody Williams
Gortat Wiz
Geoff Burke – USA Today Sports Images

When the Washington Wizards acquired Marcin Gortat for the 2013-14 NBA season, there were many people that doubted the addition of Gortat. Though there was the chance that Gortat could potentially solidify an inconsistent frontcourt for the Wizards, Gortat is a player that has had his own problems with inconsistency over the past few years.

Since joining the Wizards, Gortat has certainly shown flashes of being the guy that the Wizards want him to be on their front line, but his inconsistency has continued to be a problem. A prime example went down on Friday night as the Wizards fell to the Los Angeles Clippers.

On Friday, Gortat was on the floor for 28 minutes, but didn’t manage to do much of anything productive. He scored just six points on 10 shots, grabbed only seven rebounds and added only one assist and one block.

The odd part of Gortat’s issues with inconsistency is the fact that it’s not always in terms of efficiency or raw numbers like it was on Friday night. Much of the time it’s about his inability to assert himself in matchups, even ones that work in his favor. Even on Friday when he was struggling, that was still part of the case as well.

Gortat is a player who has the body and skill-set to succeed against most big men in this league. However, it’s pretty clear at this point in his basketball career that he’s a player who doesn’t always assert his skills on the floor. That’s obviously disappointing for him as an individual and for the Wizards. He will carry them on some nights and be impressive, but he’s going to let you down on others. At this point, it seems that is just comes with the territory with Gortat.

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