Miami Heat Are Playing the Epitome of Heart Attack Basketball

By Richard Nurse
Miami Heat
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Onlookers are finally starting to realize that watching the Miami Heat play is like begging for a heart attack — an exciting heart attack, but a trip to the hospital nonetheless.

That couldn’t have been more evident than the roller coaster ride they took fans on when they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers last night.

There was the monster first half from Chris Bosh (18 points), Dwyane Wade (20 points) and LeBron James (15 points) followed by another quiet third quarter. Then there was the 16-3 run — sparked by the Heat defense then a lack there of to flip their 19 point lead to a four point deficit.

“The energy, the purpose of what we were doing just waned a little bit,” Erik Spoelstra said via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

That’s a quote that coach Spo could use — win or lose — because the Heat seem to take pride in always having one more run in them; which is hard to argue when they keep winning. But maybe that’s the problem. They know the only thing that matters is what they do in the postseason. Perhaps they don’t even take the lulls as serious as we do.

I’m not trying to make excuses, but it is hard not to look ahead when you’re one of the two top teams in your conference and the rest of the East is struggling to float above .500.

Which explains why Miami has been resting Wade and — to a degree — holding out Michael Beasley (hamstring) even though he says that he’s ready to go.

As a result, you get the sense that Miami just wants to make sure it has all hands on deck for the Indiana Pacers in the playoffs. After all, it’s the matchup that’s obvious and inevitable.

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