Omer Asik: Perfect For Boston Celtics

By Jared Hughes
Andrew Richardson – USA TODAY Sports

The rim-protection, rebounding machine center Omer Asik would be a great addition for the Boston Celtics. They have pieces they could trade to get Asik and this is something they must do. He could come right into the organization and make an instant impact. The Celtics bigs are not great rebounders or rim protectors and Asik solves that problem.

He’s not much of an offensive weapon but he should develop quickly playing with playmaker Rajon Rondo. This would also protect Jared Sullinger and free him to do what he likes down low. A lineup consisting of Rondo, Avery BradleyJeff Green, Sullinger and Asik gears them for the playoffs with a legit chance to make a run if they get some other weapons.

He clearly wants out of the Houston Rockets and I think he would love a new home in Boston with promising young players and no Dwight Howard to get in his way. On the teams he’s played for, there was always a better center hence Joakim Noah for the Chicago Bulls and Howard for the Rockets. Playing for Boston would make him the best center and also an opportunity to show the league what he can really do.

We have always seen the potential in Asik but if this were to happen, we would really see it. The Celtics players would love to play with him given his unselfish style and hunger to clean up every rebound and protect the rim with a vengeance. The Celtics will look to receive a lot of second chance buckets with the rebounding machine.

Lets be hopeful for this transaction and oh yeah … don’t forget Rondo is back in January; Omer could come right in time!

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