Boston Celtics Can't Give Up Jeff Green For Omer Asik

By Jared Hughes
Troy Toarmina – USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets can’t have Jeff Green! Although Green is getting up there in age, he’s still loaded with potential. If he leaves the Boston Celtics would be without a wing scorer and relying on people who just won’t cut it.

It’s understood what Omer Asik could bring to the Celtics, but he will not get you 15-17 points a night and guard the best wing player. Green can compete with the best of them, and he deserves a spot on this roster. Does anyone remember the 43-point outburst last season against the Miami Heat? Well, I’m sure he isn’t done yet.

Green is becoming familiar with and welcoming his position as the asked upon scorer of the Celtics. If he went to the Houston he would not only be fourth option but he would also see a dip in his production. Green isn’t the player the Rockets need. Brandon Bass may be more of a fit to complement Dwight Howard. Not to mention, they have played together with the Orlando Magic.

Jeff Green doesn’t solve anything for the Rockets’ playoff chances. There has to be another way to get Asik to Boston without giving up their second best player. I don’t see how Danny Ainge could even consider this unless he has another trick up his sleeve.

As a fan, I would be comfortable giving up Brandon Bass with the emergence of Jared Sullinger. In addition to that, they are small at the center position, and Asik solves some of their problems in the post defensively.

Brad Stevens is trying to get Green accustomed to being the guy, and without him until Rondo gets back they have no go-to guy. Houston can’t have Green; it’s not worth it.

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