Miami Heat: Alleged Deal for Jordan Crawford is Ridiculous

By Sean McKenney
Bench Laugh
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re in need of a good laugh as an icebreaker at a social occasion, tell the group about the time the Miami Heat allegedly wanted to trade for Jordan Crawford. If you can say it out loud without snickering, you get points in my book.

Unfortunately for the Heat, the desire for Crawford is all too real. According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, Miami is looking to trade for the young scoring two-guard in order to take some of the scoring load off of Dwyane Wade.

What makes the idea so laughable isn’t that the report is false. It makes perfect sense for the Heat to want Crawford. Wade is getting up there in years and anything that can be done to take a few minutes off his playing time, especially in anticipation of the playoffs, is worth a shot. Wade’s faulty knees make that more applicable now than ever.

No, Laurence’s report shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The outlandish part of the scenario is that the Heat are going to try to get Crawford from the Boston Celtics in exchange for backup center, Joel Anthony.

There is no known reason on the face of the earth, nor can one possibly even be conceived in the human mind as to why Celtics GM Danny Ainge would even think to consider making the transaction.

The deal is wildly one-sided. The Celtics need someone to help boost their floundering offense, someone to fill in for Rajon Rondo, someone that is on board with Brad Stevens’ methods, and someone to keep the game’s energy up even in rough situations. Crawford does all of those things and more on a daily basis for Boston.

Even if the Heat could sweeten the deal a little, let’s not forget the amount of mutual love and admiration between the Celtics and Heat franchises. Heck, the Pat Riley was cursing out Ainge in the media not too long ago, and now he’s looking for a bargain? The only situation in which the deal would remotely make sense is if the Celtics were tanking, a route they have appeared to spurn. Even then, tanking teams go after young players that can blossom later, not injury-prone veterans like Anthony.

In the past, this might have seemed like a good idea. At this point, Crawford does so much, and Anthony could so little for the Celtics that the thought of this deal is laughable.

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