Miami Heat Rumors: Is Chris Bosh On The Trade Block?

By Shane Phillips
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When Pat Riley and the Miami Heat signed LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the envisioned an unstoppable trio, a triple threat that would put up 90-plus points and coast to victory night after night. At the time, nothing quite like the “Big 3” had ever been seen in the NBA or the professional sports world. Many were surprised when tyrant David Stern didn’t step in to stop it.

Anyway, with the fourth season of the “Big 3” in South Beach well underway, that immaculate vision of success and championships wasn’t too far off, but it hasn’t gone according to plan. Miami and the “Big 3” do have three consecutive Finals appearances and back-to-back championships, but James, Wade and Bosh haven’t exactly performed like all the fans and bandwagoners dreamed.

I could talk about James’ ups and downs, and his 2014 free agency decision, but there really isn’t much there. I would talk about Wade and his battle with Father Time, but that one has been overused. Instead, I’m going to pick on Bosh for one reason: his stupid offseason vow.

I have documented Bosh’s struggles well in the past and have essentially dissected him and his play beyond comprehension. This time, I will support the Heat’s leading big man and put to rest any trade speculation.

It’s no secret that Bosh has not performed to expectations since joining Miami. His numbers have seen a steady decline and have led to his poor averages this season of just 14 points and six rebounds. Those aren’t exactly the number Erik Spoelstra or Riley imagined when they brought Bosh to South Beach. So, it might make since for the defending champs to trade Bosh before he has an opportunity to opt out of his contract.

It makes sense in theory, but in reality, both sides would be making a great mistake.

Thanks to Bosh’s lack of production, he has only hurt his net worth and stock around the league. He was once an elite player who averaged a double-double, but his averages are now way down. It is possible for Miami to get an equal trade for Bosh, but many teams are not going to give up multiple players and draft picks for him.

As for Bosh, it would be a boneheaded mistake to opt out of his contract at the end of this season. Unless he begins to play much better, no one is going to give him a max contract. There might be one team that will be willing to take a chance, but Bosh is much better off staying in South Beach with a proven winner.

It is pretty safe to say that Bosh will remain with the Heat for this season and most likely next season. There will always be that one team and one GM who is willing to take a risk and waste some money, but it would be a terrible move on both ends. Bosh and Miami need to just ride it out; if it ends in a three-peat, then it’s a great success. Fail to win the championship, and let the media circus begin!

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