Philadelphia 76ers Proving They Desperately Need Michael Carter-Williams

By Zach Slotter
michael carter williams injury
Howard Smith – USA Today Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers got blown out again tonight, this time courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets by a score of 130-94. This was their seventh straight loss and 15th out of their last 17 games. The loss also slipped their record to 1-10 without their rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams. MCW continues to rest a sore knee that turned into a knee infection. As if we didn’t need anymore evidence, the Sixers proved again tonight how desperately they need their point guard to suit up if they want any chance of winning.

Tonight’s game marked the second straight game that they gave up 130+ points and the second straight game that they gave up 21 three pointers. The absence of Carter-Williams is evident on both ends of the floor and in almost every aspect of the game.

First off, Tony Wroten is not a point guard. He is a nice player but Brett Brown is asking too much of him to try and get him to run the point. There were too many possessions tonight where no one else touched the ball and Wroten just drove the lane recklessly and got no call. Wroten was able to collect six turnovers in only 24 minutes.

Also on the offensive end without MCW some of the other players aren’t getting the looks they are used to getting. When your second best scorer is not out on the floor guys like Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes get paid attention to more and it’s no coincidence that Turner’s worst stretch of the season has come during the last seven games that MCW has been out.

Now on the defensive end, the team was already historically bad but it’s even worse without Carter-Williams. Wroten gambles too much on defense and is just nowhere near the height and stature of Carter-Williams. The help defense from this team is pathetic and they just cannot get a stop.

The Sixers are slipping down in the standings and if there is any chance of turning this season around their prized rookie needs to come back sooner rather than later.

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