10 Trades Every NBA Fan Wants To See Happen

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10 NBA Trades We All Want To See

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Although blockbuster trades rarely happen, they tend to shake up the NBA scene when they do. This season some big name stars have already been mentioned as possible trade bait, and most notable among them is Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony had visions of creating his own “big 3” in New York with him, Amar’e Stoudemire, and a third piece that never joined the team. Now with the option of opting out of his contract after this season, the New York Knicks should be afraid they may lose their franchise player for nothing in free agency.

Because of this, expect to hear trade rumors involving the 10-year veteran until the trade deadline occurs after the All-Star break. With Melo being one of the best shooters in the league, he fits into almost any offense and thus is involved in more than one fictional trade.

Another team I can see making at least one big trade is the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers have found their franchise point guard in Michael Carter-Williams, so now they must begin building around him and tanking for the upcoming draft.

The team has seen Evan Turner emerge as a go-to scorer this season, yet they still have floated his name around the league as a possible trade option. The 76ers currently hold one of the worst five records in the league already, but because they play in the weak Eastern Conference they would be better served to get the productive Turner off their roster in order to effectively play for a No. 1 draft pick.

All of the following trades have been run through the ESPN Trade Machine, and although all of them will likely stay fictional, they at least are valid trades that literally could happen at any second.

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10. Omer Asik To Washington Wizards

Omer Asik To Washington Wizards
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Omer Asik dislikes playing in Houston, and based on the picture above he may downright hate playing there. The Houston Rockets have already made it known Asik is on the trading block, and an Asik for Trevor Ariza and Jan Vesely trade would help out both teams involved.

The Wizards get a much needed center and now have a nearly complete squad to contend for a top seed in the East. The Rockets get a whiny Asik out of town, and they gain a versatile scorer in Ariza along with a very athletic Vesely who needs to develop some but can create spacing on the court and give Howard plenty of open floor down low.

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9. Rajon Rondo To Sacramento Kings

Rajon Rondo To Sacramento Kings
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The Sacramento Kings have already been reported as offering the Boston Celtics numerous players and picks for the services of Rajon Rondo. However, the reported offer right now seems too good to be true, and I have altered it some to make sense and benefit both teams.

My trade involves the Kings sending the emerging back court of Isaiah Thomas and Ben McLemore, along with power forward Jason Thompson for the pass first Rondo. The Kings’ reported offer included these three players along with two upcoming first round picks, but that simply is too much for a pass first player who is still sitting out due to a torn ACL.

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8. Kyle Lowry Teams Up With Dirk Nowitzki

Kyle Lowry Teams Up With Dirk Nowitzki
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I love trades that help an aging team start rebuilding while also improving their chances of winning now. Kyle Lowry to the Dallas Mavericks for Vince Carter and Shane Larkin is a trade that makes sense for both teams and provides the Mavericks with their first building block for after the Dirk Nowitzki era.

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7. Evan Turner For Dion Waiters

Evan Turner For Dion Waiters
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The 76ers are trying to deal Evan Turner, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have a current rift taking place between Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving. The Cavs obviously aren’t trading Irving so Waiters is the most likely to go, and throwing in Alonzo Gee for salary and roster reasons makes this trade one of the more likely ones to actually happen.

The 76ers get a scoring two guard to complement Carter-Williams, and the Cavaliers get a do it all Turner that can play both the two and three positions. Turner won’t be taking too many shots away from the score first Irving, but he adds a whole lot to the defensive and rebounding aspects of the Cavs’ game so they can become immediate contenders.

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6. Carmelo Anthony Joins Michael Jordan In Charlotte

Carmelo Anthony Joins Michael Jordan In Charlotte
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Both Michael Jordan and Carmelo Anthony want to win, so teaming the two up may be the most insane but intriguing trade on this list. Playing for the greatest basketball player of all-time may be enough to lure Melo away from a big market, and the Charlotte Bobcats giving up Ben Gordon, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and a first round pick may be enough for the Knicks to be happy.

The Knicks very well could be losing Melo at the end of the season, and this trade not only will give them a likely mid-round pick but a competent scorer in Gordon and a possible star in the making with Kidd-Gilchrist.

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5. Luol Deng To Orlando Magic

Luol Deng To Orlando Magic
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The Chicago Bulls are still on the fence about re-signing Luol Deng, so trading him to the Orlando Magic for Hedo Turkoglu (expiring contract), Mo Harkless, and possibly a first round pick could be the answer for a Bulls team that has no shot at contending without Derrick Rose.

As you may have noticed by now, there is a reoccurring trend of improving mediocre Eastern Conference teams. The East is very weak this season, and the Magic are just one player and some experience away from making a legitimate run come playoff time. They also would be better served to lock up Deng long-term if he plays well to make this trade one that changes the face of the Magic franchise for years.

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4. Melo For Blake Griffin

Melo For Blake Griffin
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One of the bigger trades on this list I have proposed is a Carmelo and Jared Dudley for Blake Griffin trade would make both the Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers happier. Just imagine Chris Paul making space for Anthony’s beautiful jumper, which would only become more effective playing alongside the league's best point guard.

The Knicks, on the other hand would, bring in a young and high flying Griffin to be the main building block for their future. Griffin is an electric player that would take off in New York and would likely be able to attract another superstar or two in the coming offseason.

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3. Evan Turner To Boston Celtics

Evan Turner To Boston Celtics
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics could go a few different directions leading up to this season’s trade deadline. They either could take the very lucrative Kings offer that was already presented or they could try to win now and build around Rondo. The Celtics have started the season with a 12-14 record thanks to new head coach Brad Stevens, which is the reason I’m more in favor of the Celtics trying to win now.

This trade would bring Turner to Boston for Courtney Lee, Phil Pressey, and an upcoming first round pick. This move would help the 76ers tank for the upcoming draft where they could take a superstar to lead the team along with Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel.

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2. Dion Waiters For Gordon Hayward

Dion Waiters For Gordon Hayward
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I love this trade because it’s one that could make both teams involved very happy. Gordon Hayward has struggled as the Utah Jazz’s top scoring option which is why a catch and shoot role for the Cavaliers would make him more effective and the Cavs a legitimate contender for a top five seed. On the other side, the Jazz get a player many compare to Dwyane Wade and could be a No. 1 or 2 scoring option for them this season as well as helping them open up the small forward position, which hopefully will be filled by Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins next season.

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1. Chris Bosh For Zach Randolph

Chris Bosh For Zach Randolph
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Yes, I know the two-time defending champs are very unlikely to make a trade of this significance this season. However, the one major advantage the Indiana Pacers have on the Miami Heat is height. And while Zach Randolph stands at 6-foot-9 his 260-pound frame is big enough to move around and control the lanky Roy Hibbert.

This would also help the Memphis Grizzlies – who have offered up Randolph as trade bait – as Chris Bosh is more of a jump shooter, meaning he could space the floor and give Marc Gasol more room down low. The Heat want Greg Oden to be their physical presence down low once the playoffs roll around, but the addition of Randolph would solidify their post game more so than an injury-prone Oden.