15 Biggest Disappointments of the 2013-2014 NBA Season So Far

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15 Biggest Disappointments of the 2013-2014 NBA Season So Far

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The 2013-14 NBA season is still young, but that doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t begin assessing how their team has done up to this point. Even though there are plenty of surprises this season, this slideshow is going to concentrate solely on the biggest disappointments of the season up to this point.

I have to imagine there are several disappointing performances by players that are not only ruining the favorite teams of fans in real life, but also fantasy basketball teams as well. There is nothing worse than expecting a player to carry a team only to find out that they simply don’t have it this season. What is even worse is the teams that acquired certain players in the offseason simply have not measured up to the hype.

On top of that, there are several teams that are hugely disappointing this season. A majority of those teams fall in the Eastern Conference, which always appears to be the lesser quality conference of the two. However, a few teams that were expected to make some noise come playoff time might not even be around when the regular season ends. Along with that, some of these teams are in big markets, which could cause all sorts of problems for the NBA.

Make sure to click through the slideshow to see the 15 biggest disappointments of the 2013-14 NBA season up to this point. Also, make sure to comment below if you believe there are even bigger disappointments that were not mentioned in the countdown.

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15. Steve Nash

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I understand that Steve Nash has been injured for a majority of the season and that he has only been able to play in six games because of it. However, he didn’t play that great in those first six games as his production took a huge dive. There’s no question his multiple injuries are the reason for it but it’s disappointing nonetheless.

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14. Anthony Bennett

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There were no huge expectations for Anthony Bennett, as it was widely understood he would be a project for the Cleveland Cavaliers. With that being said, he is still the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, which means there has to be some expectations in his rookie season. Bennett hasn’t accomplished much of anything. The forward is averaging just 2.2 points in 10.0 minutes per game.

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13. Los Angeles Lakers Defense

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The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 11th in the Western Conference with a 12-13 record. A big reason for that is because of the horrendous defense. The Lakers have surrendered 103.4 points per game this season, which is the second worst in the NBA. On top of that, they have allowed opponents to average 25.3 assists, 47.2 rebounds and 9.56 steals per game, all of which rank in the top three worst in the league.

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12. Miami Heat Rebounding

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The rebounding for the Miami Heat has been terrible since the first day of the season. It appears the team has no intention of changing anything about it as they still rank last in the NBA with an average of 35.8 rebounds per game. It may not be a big deal right now but there’s no question it could become a factor in the playoffs.

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11. Milwaukee Bucks

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So many people didn’t expect the Milwaukee Bucks to do much of anything in 2013-14. With that being said, those same people probably didn’t expect them to be last in the NBA with a 5-19 record. Injuries destroyed the team prior to the start of the season. On top of that, the massive turnaround on the roster has prevented the Bucks from consistent chemistry, while the injuries have played a role in that as well. The good news for Milwaukee is they still can be a very good team in the ensuing years as long as they survive this season.

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10. Tyreke Evans

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When the New Orleans Pelicans traded for Tyreke Evans in the offseason, I can’t imagine they had his current performance in mind. For $6.9 million, the Pelicans hoped for better than 11.6 points and 3.4 assists per game. His .414 shooting percentage isn’t terrible, but his 10.0 percent from beyond the arc is disappointing, even if he’s never been known to be a 3-point shooter. Overall, New Orleans hoped the addition of Evans and Jrue Holiday would benefit the team, which has yet to work out.

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9. Cleveland Cavaliers Offense

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There was plenty of excitement surrounding the Cavaliers entering the 2013-14 NBA season because of the new additions to a roster that already had plenty of talent. Unfortunately, Cleveland has yet to take flight this season as evidence of their 9-15 record. A big reason for that is because of the dismal play of the offense. The Cavaliers have averaged 95.3 points and 18.9 points per game. Along with that, they have converted just 42.8 percent of their shots from the field. All of these numbers rank in lower tier of the league.

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8. Houston Rockets’ Free Throw Shooting

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As a whole, the Houston Rockets haven’t been disappointing this season. However, there are still parts of their game that needs plenty of work if they want to make noise in the playoffs. One area in particular is free throw shooting. The Rockets rank second to last in the league with a .697 free throw percentage. The addition of Dwight Howard certainly hasn’t helped their cause, but it’s still something that must be fixed immediately.

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7. Chicago Bulls Offense

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The Chicago Bulls have been a hugely disappointing team so far this season. So many players have fallen well below expectations, which is a big reason why they’re 9-14 and outside the top eight in the Eastern Conference. Chicago ranks third to last in the league in points per game (91.2) and 3-point percentage (.322). They also rank last in the NBA in field goal percentage (.417). Needless to say, the Bulls have plenty of work ahead of them in order to improve the offense.

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6. James Harden Turnovers/3-Point Shooting

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James Harden is playing well in several areas for the Rockets this season. With that being said, there are some areas that need work if he’s going to keep Houston towards the top of the Western Conference standings. Harden’s 3.9 turnovers is one statistic that must be improved. He simply needs to make better decisions when handling the ball. On top of that, he needs to be smarter with his 3-point shot selection. As of right now, he is converting just 31.2 percent of his 6.6 shot attempts from beyond the arc.

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5. Memphis Grizzlies

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The Memphis Grizzlies have gone from a dominant team that posted franchise records last season to one that is very disappointing in 2013-14. A lot of that has to do with the injuries to key players that continue to mount up. Also, the Grizzlies defense needs some work if they want to hang with the best of them in the West.

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4. J.R. Smith

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J.R. Smith is one of the bigger disappointments on a New York Knicks team that is filled with them. The 2013 Sixth Man of the Year has fallen way off from where he was last season. In 19 games, he is averaging just 10.5 points and 2.4 assists per contest in 30.2 minutes. On top of that, he’s shooting 33.6 percent from the field on 11.1 shot attempts per game. His 9.3 player efficiency rating might be the most alarming statistic of them all.

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3. Brooklyn Nets

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Where to begin this disastrous of a team. There was so much hope and excitement for the Brooklyn Nets prior to the start of the season. Unfortunately, everyone that stated a rookie head coach with zero experience at the helm of a team with NBA championship aspirations was a huge mistake appears to be right. Jason Kidd is way over his head, while his veteran superstar players are showing their age every chance they get.

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2. Derrick Rose

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Derrick Rose’s injury might go down as the most disappointing thing to happen this season, depending on what happens to the Bulls. All the hype in regards to the return after Rose missed all of last season ended with a huge dud. Even before Rose went down with a season-ending knee injury, he wasn’t playing like his old self. The air has been sucked out of Chicago, which is something that might not be replaced very easily.

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1. New York Knicks

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By far the biggest disappointment so far this season is the Knicks. The team is playing uninspiring basketball, while head coach Mike Woodson appears to be losing control of his players. Moving the ball on offense has been a huge issue, and it seems like no one on the team cares to play any defense. Tyson Chandler’s injury has been detrimental to the team, but there are so many other problems that go beyond that. On top of everything else, New York is 7-17 this season, which is one of the worst records in the NBA.