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5 Reasons Why Deron Williams Is Still an Elite PG

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Deron Williams Is Still an Elite PG

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Deron Williams is still one of the best point guards in the NBA. He may not be having the best season of his career or anything like that, but he still is a solid player, which is why I will be giving you five reasons why Williams is still an elite point guard.

So many new faces enter the league on a yearly basis and so many players improve. Players do not get any younger, though. As a result, a player can be elite one year and not even close the following year.

I am sure that is what many people are thinking when it comes to Deron Williams. The emergence of players like John Wall and Kyrie Irving probably do not help Williams’ case.

However, Williams is still one of the best field generals in the league when he is healthy. Staying healthy has a lot to do with it, but just give Williams some time and he will turn into the player who was being considered a top PG in the league once again.

As we have seen many times, injuries can ruin a player's career. That was the case with Greg Oden and that is starting to be the case with Dwyane Wade. Luckily, Oden is trying to return and Wade still puts up respectable numbers--just not the same that he used to.

Regardless, Williams is going to show--in time--that he is one of the best point guards. With that in mind, read on to see five reasons why he is still an elite PG.

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Still Has Big Games

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Deron Williams still has big games. He scored 25 points and dished out seven assists against Boston on Dec. 10. He also had 22 points and nine assists against Detroit on Dec. 13. In fact, Williams is averaging 18.8 points per game and 8.3 assists per game in the month of December. Sounds like an elite field general to me.

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Averaging Decent Numbers

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As I stated in the last slide, Williams is averaging 18.8 points per game and 8.3 assists per game in the month of December. That is much better than his season averages of 12.2 points per game and 6.7 assists per game.

Not to mention, Williams put up 18.9 points per game and 7.7 assists per game last season. He is not going to disappear in one season, people.

As bad as his stats may seem this year, he is still managing to shoot 46.4 percent from the field and 41.5 percent from behind the arc. Both are better than his career averages.

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Not Even Playing At Full Strength

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Williams has missed his fair share of games this season. He has only played 13 out of 24 possible. Just give him some time to get back to full strength and you will see the Deron Williams of old.

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Brooklyn Is Not A Good Team This Year

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It’s hard to be considered an elite player when your team does not have a winning record. That is the problem with Williams’ Brooklyn Nets this season. The team is currently 9-15. I am sure a lot of that has to deal with Williams not being on the court on a nightly basis.

The Nets are a very talented team and I am sure they will get better as the season progresses. They have won four out of their last five games, which could be a sign of good things to come.

Brooklyn is a much better team when Williams is in the lineup and that is really going to show if he can stay healthy.

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Still Young

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Williams has been in the NBA for quite awhile now, but he is still young. Williams is only 29 years old and he still has many years left in him. He will return back to form in time, but you can bet that Williams is still an elite point guard.