Miami Heat Rumors: Is Team Interested in New York Knicks' Iman Shumpert?

By Shane Phillips
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, the holiday season. It’s a time to spend with family, exchange gifts, sing Christmas carols, fill your gut with sugar and carbohydrates, and even gain a pound or ten. Yes, the holidays are a joyful time, but over the years the joyfulness has been tarnished by shopping and unbeatable deals. By now, most of you are probably wondering if this is a post about the NBA or if it’s something Sarah Palin wrote. What I am trying to say is you’re not the only one looking for deals or waiting outside Walmart for three days and ruining family traditions.

Teams around the league have been looking to do some shopping of their own and maybe uproot a few players and their families during the holidays. We have already seen the Toronto Raptors trade Rudy Gay to the Sacramento Kings. The Houston Rockets are rumored to be packaging Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin while the New York Knicks have shown interest in dealing Iman Shumpert. Even the Miami Heat have announced verbal interest in finding a backup to Dwyane Wade. Wade has missed six games this season as part of a maintenance program for his aging knees.

There have been rumors of Miami going after the Boston Celtics and Jordan Crawford, but I have a better idea. The Heat should make a move for Shumpert. I like Shumpert, and he has shown small spurts of greatness in his young career. The Knicks clearly want to make something happen based on how their season is going, and Shumpert backing up Wade makes sense. He is listed as a 6-foot 5 shooting guard with deep ball ability. His numbers are a bit down this season at 6.6 points and 4.0 rebounds per game, but it is hard for Shumpert to get his when playing alongside ball hog Carmelo Anthony.

Shumpert could fit in nicely with the Heat lineup because LeBron James will distribute the basketball and get him involved. However, in order for Miami to get Shumpert they may have to give up a big and a small. They could easily handle Shumpert’s contract, but New York might want a pretty penny in return. I propose the Heat package Udonis Haslem and Roger Mason Jr. Haslem is having a down season, and the Knicks would like a big while Tyson Chandler is out — especially one who plays strong post defense. Mason Jr. is easily disposable for Miami, and New York might want a guard in return for giving up one.

One problem that might arise is the loyalty and respect between Haslem and the Heat. The two have been together since 2003, and I would bet a large sum that Haslem wants to retire in South Beach. As much as I love the idea of this deal it most likely will not happen. I think Shumpert would be a great addition and an adequate step-in for Wade, but I don’t know if the two sides could come to terms. Maybe Pat Riley can use his New York history and make something happen.

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