Stephen Curry Is Key To Golden State Warriors' Success

By Greg Douglas
Stephen Curry
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors moved to 14-12 with a win over the New Orleans Pelicans, but the Warriors are still out of the playoffs as of this moment. Golden State currently sits in ninth in the Western Conference standings, but the Warriors would be in third in the Eastern Conference.

The Western Conference has been superior to the East, but will that help or hurt the Warriors in the long run? Stephen Curry is the unquestioned leader of this Warriors squad, but can he really carry the team to a world title?

While Curry had 28 points and 12 assists, Klay Thompson recorded 16 points and six assists in the contest. The Splash Brothers are finally in sync once again and are lighting up the scoreboard, but the Warriors need a more steady scorer to emerge from the bench. Golden State does not have a Sixth Man of the Year caliber player, and the Warriors need somebody to step in and assume that role.

If a role player does not emerge, the Warriors will have no chance at capturing the championship.

Curry has turned into one of the better players in the NBA, and he is still young. Curry’s unmatched range and clutch shooting makes him the current player to beat in the NBA. There might be players who create more highlight-reel plays and are more athletic, but Curry is the best pure shooter in the league. Every time Curry puts up a shot, it has a good chance to go in.

Curry has quickly become one of the best point guards in the game, but just how far can the Splash Brothers take the Warriors?

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