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10 Ways the New York Knicks Can Stop the Bleeding

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10 Ways Knicks Can Turn Around

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To say that the New York Knicks are a disappointing team is like saying dating Kate Upton would be kind of cool -- it is a clear understatement.

The Knicks are currently an atrocity. They are 8-17 on a season in which they were thought to be fighting for a top three seed. They made a few changes that were supposed to help them out that are not working out too well. Some other changes may be on the horizon.

Everything has been mentioned by the mainstream media to fix the Knicks. There has been talk of replacing coach Mike Woodson. Although he hasn't done the best job, he still brought this team to a No. 2 seed and its first playoff series win in over a decade. There has been talk of trades involving literally every single player on the roster. Remember, this isn't jump the gun fans mentioning this; this is the likes of ESPN and TNT analysts who suggest these options.

There has to be something that can turn this team around. They have way too much talent to be this bad. Luckily for them, the Eastern Conference is god awful this season which has kept them in the race. They are currently two games out of a playoff spot. Even crazier, they are only three games behind the Atlantic Division leading Boston Celtics, which would warrant them a No. 4 seed if they were able to win that.

There is still hope for this Knicks team, and there is work to be done. These are 10 ways to stop the bleeding for the Knicks.

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10. Keep Tyson Chandler Playing

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When Tyson Chandler went down with a knee injury, everyone in Knicks nation took a collective gasp. Carmelo Anthony is this team's best player, but Chandler is the reason this team wins. His defensive presence and rebounding ability are second to none. They need to keep him on the court, especially with Kenyon Martin out.

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9. Stop J.R. Smith When He Is Off

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J.R. Smith is the kind of player that tries to shoot himself out of a slump. The problem with that is he is severely hurting his team while he is doing it. He is currently shooting .333 from the field this season and shooting less than 65 percent from the free throw line. You cannot let this guy shoot 12 times a game until he gets his percentage to over 40 percent.

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8. Make Better Decisions

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Did you see Andrea Bargnani shooting a three with his team up in overtime and the shot clock off? These kinds of decisions will be the reason the Knicks lose games. They need to get a better mentality on the court. Some of the shots they take really make you scratch your head.

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7. Score More Points

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I know this is vague, but it needs to happen. They are scoring 95 points per game right now, good for 25th in the league. Last season they were averaging 100 points per game. It may only seem like five points, but it is the difference between ten spots on the top teams.

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6. More Leadership

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The biggest loss it seems this offseason was the retirement of Jason Kidd. The leadership on the floor just isn't there. Someone needs to step up player-wise and take this team to the next level. They don't need to do it with their play; they have enough talent to do that. They need to do it with their leadership. Look at someone like Chandler or Pablo Prigioni to take that role.

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5. Give Tim Hardaway Jr. A Shot

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Tim Hardaway Jr. has looked green at times, but other times he looks like he could have been a steal for the Knicks. They need to figure out what they have by giving the kid more minutes. Take out Smith and put in the rookie when Smith is having an off night. Maybe if Hardaway has a good night that would motivate Smith to be better.

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4. Learn How To Use Timeouts

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This has become a little obvious with Woodson's debacle against the Washington Wizards. Do not leave three timeouts on the table in a loss.

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3. Stay Healthy

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This is key. If they can't keep their current group on the court then the tailspin will continue. They are currently dealing with injuries to Amar'e Stoudemire and Martin. They have dealt with others throughout the first two months. That string of bad luck needs to end before this season really gets out of reach.

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2. Carmelo Needs To Keep Rebounding

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Anthony is currently on pace to blow his former rebounding average out of the water. He is averaging 9.1 rebounds per game when his former career-high was 7.6. That number has obviously gone up with the loss of Chandler and the fact Bargnani is just not good at rebounding. He needs to continue to stay near ten on the season to help this team win.

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1. Don't Make A Panic Trade

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Iman Shumpert has been the name most people put in panic trades for the Knicks. Some are more enticing than others, but it just seems like James Dolan is going to hurt this team with a bad trade due to the way the start of the season has gone. Do not trade Shumpert unless you win the trade. On the other hand, don't make any trades unless you are winning the trade.