Is Kobe Bryant's NBA Career Over?

By Ryan Wenzell
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

News recently broke that Kobe Bryant fractured his Fibia and will be out at least six weeks. This is extremely tough news for the Los Angeles Lakers and Bryant. To get injured in the same area as he previously did, from the Achilles tendon to the Fibia, is devastating for Bryant.

Bryant’s career, as we know it, may be over. He has already tread a ton of miles on his body at the age of 35. The explosiveness which there is still a glimmer of may be all but gone after this. Bryant may have to become a totally different player.

He may have to rely on his craftiness and pure shooting ability rather than his previous elite athleticism, and it certainly is a shame. However, one guy I will never bet against is Bryant. He is the ultimate competitor, perhaps the best pure competitor and killer on the court the game of basketball has seen since Michael Jordan.

If there is anyone who will defy the odds and come back from something as tough as this, it is Bryant. He refuses to take “no” and “it’s time to hang it up” for an answer.

For the Lakers’ short and long term future, it is also a tough pill to swallow. This is an aging team right now that relies for too much on their superstar. They will have to find other ways to get it done now just to stay in the playoff race in a loaded Western Conference.

For Bryant and the Lakers, the future is murky.

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