Ranking The Top 5 Guards In The NBA

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Top 5 Guards In The NBA

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This NBA season has been full of surprises, with teams and players exceeding all limitations en route to being simply amazing thus far. However, it is yet to be seen whether those players and teams will maintain their high-level of play.

The position I want to focus on today is the guard position, which is full of young and aspiring talent all across the league. In this post, I will be ranking the top five guards in the NBA. The guard position has always been one of my favorites, although the top two players in the league are forwards. It is tough to be a consistently dominant team if you do not have a great leader at the guard position.

That rings true for today's teams and some of the best teams in basketball history. The Miami Heat had Dwyane Wade, the Chicago Bulls had Michael Jordan, and the Los Angeles Lakers had Kobe Bryant when they won their NBA Championships -- that shows just how important the position is. There are far more teams throughout history that were led by great guards, but I do not have the time or word limit to cover everyone.

Being a guard in the NBA comes with a lot of baggage. People will praise you when you are up and kick you when you are down. A prime example of late has been how the media perceives Bryant, as he struggles early in his return from a major injury late last season. Since so many people like to throw gasoline on fires, I will mostly be focusing on what makes these players special as I rank the top five guards in the league to date.

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5. Stephen Curry

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Stephen Curry is a marvelous talent. His team has struggled a bit, and that is why I have him ranked number five on the list. He could end up a bit higher if the Golden State Warriors can rally behind his great play. He is known as one of the best shooters in the entire league, averaging 24.3 points per game while shooting over 40 percent from beyond the arch -- making more than three long distance shots per game. His passing ability is also improving, as he is now averaging nine assists per game.

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4. Chris Paul

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This may seem a little low for Chris Paul, but I am ranking all guards, not just point-guards. Honestly, Paul should look to score more, but his focus is on distributing the ball and getting his teammates involved. Paul is averaging a bit below 20 points per game, but his assist numbers are off the chart at 11.3 per game. I honestly feel like he is one of the biggest underachievers in the league and his team should be better than their 18-9 record. I was close to making Curry No. 4 instead, because Paul just is not the game-changer that some of the other top guards are.

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3. Kobe Bryant

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This is probably my most controversial pick on the list. Right now, I know that Kobe Bryant is struggling a bit, but he is still a top three guard in the NBA. I would take his basketball IQ over most players' skills any day. Bryant will return to form soon; he is coming off a season-high 21-point game and he may not be slowing down anytime soon.

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2. James Harden

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Anytime a guard game gets you 24 points, around five rebounds and five assists, then you have a superstar and a top three guard in the league without question. Harden's ability to score separates him from most of the pack, and he is only going to improve his all-around game as time goes on. Now, with Dwight Howard in town, the Houston Rockets are playing their best ball in a long time, even though they have let a few games slip through their hands.

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1. Russell Westbrook

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This is just a no-brainer. Russel Westbrook returned early from injury and proved that he is still an elite player. It did not take him anytime to find his rhythm and get his team rolling -- that makes his story this year even better. Westbrook is easily the toughest guard matchup in the entire league. He can score with the best of them, rebound like a forward, and pass like a facilitator. This is one of the only players in the league with no limits to their game and a fiery attitude to match.