The Miami Heat Need To Be More Verbally Competitive With The Indiana Pacers

By Jon Bruno
Miami Heat Indiana Pacers
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana PacersMiami Heat rivalry is quickly heating up to be one of the best in all of the NBA. There is one thing, however, that would make this rivalry — or potential rivalry — much more interesting and intriguing. I am referring to the fact that the Heat have not engaged in any verbal conflict with the Pacers.

The Pacers have been talking about the Heat since the offseason began. They have been verbally open in their clear intent to dethrone the Heat of their back-to-back NBA titles. The Pacers have made it publicly clear, without any restraint, that they are coming for the Heat. They are playing this season to take away what the Heat have, what they want, and what they came so close to last season. The Pacers have made it clear that they are not messing around; they’re hungry for that title.

The Heat, on the other hand, have publicly downplayed the importance of their games against Indiana. While the Pacers are running their mouths like crazy, the Heat seem to not be talking at all. After Indiana defeated the Heat in the first game of the season series, it felt like Miami had no competitive fire in relation to Indiana. Before last night’s game in Miami, the Heat again were not talking at all, downplaying the importance of the matchup while this might as well be the Eastern Conference Finals the way Indiana was speaking about it.

But what makes this rivalry interesting is that the Heat defeated Indiana 97-94 at home in a statement game. On the court this has the makings of the greatest current rivalry in the NBA, but off the court I think we all wish that the Heat had a little more competitive fire verbally. That would make this even better.

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