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The Top Player At Each Position Currently for the Miami Heat

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The Top Player At Each Position Currently for the Miami Heat

Brian Spurlock- USA Today Sports

When discussing the top player at each position for the Miami Heat, one would assume that the starting lineup would round out that conversation, but that is not the case. Due to the absurd amount of depth that this team possesses, Erik Spoelstra has been afforded the luxury of being able to rotate through his bench and sit key starters in order to recover from injuries or just rest.

This season’s theme hasn’t been so much complete domination of the opponent as it has been getting as much maintenance and recovery as possible, regardless of the outcome in the standings. Because the Heat have won back-to-back championships, both with and without home-court advantage, they feel confident in where they are as an organization currently and feel this is the proper step if they are to attempt a three-peat.

There are currently five players on the Heat roster that are the best at their position. Some of these choices may surprise you, but having the kind of depth that Spoelstra and the Heat have it would make sense to see a role player for example surge off the bench with expanded minutes and produce even higher averages than a starter would normally.

The experience and depth the Heat currently possess should lead them well throughout the regular season, but it will be because of these five players that the Heat end up with another top regular season record and potentially a third straight championship. Here are the top five players at each position for the Miami Heat.

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Center - Chris Andersen

John E. Sokolowski- USA Today Sports

Chris Bosh has been the starting center this season, but the high flying “Birdman” without a doubt has been the Miami Heat's most valuable center on the court. Leading the Heat in blocks per game at 1.3, Chris Andersen has been an immense boost for the second unit with his energy, rebounding, and moderate offensive abilities. Andersen has improved from last season in almost every single statistical category, and because of how successful the Heat have been since acquiring him, Andersen is without a doubt the Heat’s best center on the roster.

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Power Forward - LeBron James

Robert Mayer- USA Today Sports

Now I know what you're thinking: “Wait, LeBron James is listed as a small forward, so how does this work?” Simple. James is the Miami Heat's top rebounder bringing in 6.8 rebounds per game, and he is averaging the highest amount of post-up plays through the offense of any other front court player on the Heat’s roster, which includes Chris Bosh. James can take on the role of any position for the Heat, but when James slides into the power forward position and Spoelstra surrounds him with three-point shooters, James bullies the defender in the block then swings the ball to any open three-point shooter he can get the ball to. The lineup of Chris Bosh (Center), LeBron James (Power Forward), Norris Cole(Point Guard), Dwyane Wade(Small Forward) and Mario Chalmers (Shooting Guard) ranks the second highest in win percentage for the Heat at .833. This is with James playing the power forward position. James is not only the best power forward on the team but the best front court player for them; Period.

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Small Forward - Michael Beasley

Rob Grabowski- USA Today Sports

Who knew that when the Miami Heat signed Michael Beasley during training camp he would be averaging 11.4 points, 4.0 rebounds and 0.5 blocks per game? His offensive energy off the bench -- like the Birdman -- has been extremely valuable for the Heat, especially during times of the game when the Heat’s lineup hits a scoring lull. Beasley has the second highest PER (Player Efficiency Rating) on the team, which is astounding considering he only averages 17 minutes a game and is playing on the same team as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. LeBron James currently has the highest PER on the team at 29.8, so Beasley isn’t anywhere close to that number. Although he has now missed six consecutive games due to a pulled hamstring, he is still one of the top role players the Heat currently have and is arguably the best small forward on the team (outside of the position chameleon that is LeBron James).

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Shooting Guard - Dwyane Wade

Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

Even with the high amount of games Dwyane Wade has missed due to maintenance and recovery, the “Flash” is having one of the best seasons of his career. Shooting a career-high 54 percent from the field, Wade has become an extremely efficient offensive weapon on the court. Although his PER has gone from 24 last season to 21.91 this year, this is due to the high amount of games Wade has been forced to sit out due to maintenance for the expected grueling playoff run in the future. Wade still leads the team in steals per game at 1.9 and is the third highest shot blocker, outside of Chris Andersen and Chris Bosh who are both centers. Wade is without a doubt the best shooting guard on the Heat’s roster, and with a healthy season he could prove he is still one of the best in the league.

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Point Guard - Mario Chalmers

Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

This position was the toughest to choose based on the rapid growth of backup guard Norris Cole, but Mario Chalmers is still the best point guard the Miami Heat have on their roster. Outside of his rookie season (in which he carried a much heavier offensive load, pre-Big Three), Chalmers is averaging career-highs in assists, steals and blocks per game, plus shooting 43 percent from beyond the arc, the highest of his career as well. The point guard position for the Heat isn’t like the guard position for any other team in the league. Chalmers doesn’t often have he ball in his hands and is relied on to get open around screens and make shots, whether close to the rim or from beyond the arc. The improvement in his field goal percentage only proves he is accepting his role on this team better than ever, and because of it his numbers are flourishing.