Three Dallas Mavericks Face Intriguing Matchup vs. Former Team in Toronto Raptors

By Elaine J. Dispo
Vince Carter-Amir Johnson
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Many visitors from Canada will grace the American Airlines Center with their presence on Friday night. Is Dallas, Texas welcoming winter Texans to this arena? Actually, these guests from north of the border are the Toronto Raptors, who the Dallas Mavericks will host for the first time this NBA season.

Three Mavs have been on the Raptors’ roster in the past: starting shooting guard Shawn Marion, 16-year leaguer Vince Carter and new starting point guard Jose Calderon.

Marion, “The Matrix,” was not there that long during the 2008-09 season, but both Carter and Calderon have served Toronto on two runs, both as rookies and veterans. Carter, who was the 1998-99 Rookie of the Year, two-timed between the Raptors and the then-New Jersey/now-Brooklyn Nets for a whole decade until he spent the following few seasons down south, first with the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns before settling into his Dallas destination. Calderon started his career with the Raptors back in 2005-06 and continued until 2011-12. Then he briefly played for the Detroit Pistons in 2012-13, returned to Canada for his last short stint and finally entered Mavs Nation. His new franchise and we Mavs Fans For Life sure are glad to have him. As well as these two from the Tipoff Trio I shall call these three the Toronto Trio.

Marion started all 27 games that he played for this Canada-based franchise. Carter’s claims-to-fame for the Raptors are being ranked first in games of scoring over 30 points – with a grand total of 91 – along with second in all-time scoring with 9,420 points and third in all-time steals. Calderon happens to be Toronto’s all-time assists (3,770) and three throw percentage (.877) leader.

I, as a true-blue MFFL, look forward to attending this matchup where I hope to watch Carter show his previous team that Air Canada lives on in Texas. Although the prime of Vinsanity‘s career may have taken place while he played for Toronto, this Half Man Half Amazing is very valuable to Dallas.

As Toronto heads down to Dallas, I want to thank this team for contributing to the typhoon relief in the Philippines, which is my native country. Safe travels from Canada to Texas!

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