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5 Options for Lamar Odom’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution

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5 Options for Lamar Odom’s New Year’s Resolution in 2014

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Lamar Odom has had one of the most bizarre falls from grace in the last few years. His strange situation as a reality star in the Kardashian family, his obvious disinterest in the game and his ensuing depression has been one of the saddest sights for a player who really deserves a better end to his career. With his divorce to Khloe Kardashian becoming official, it’s time for Odom to get back in the driver seat and get back to being a solid player off the bench for any team willing to take the risk.

For Odom, his New Year’s resolutions need to be centered around cleaning the slate, and getting back to what he does best. Reality show stuff is not what he does best, for those of you thinking the opposite of me. His focus should be basketball, in whatever form it takes, as long as it’s still with the NBA. His personal life needs to take a chill pill, and a back seat to his career. He needs to step out of the spotlight and get more into leading a happier life within himself. As preachy as that sounds, it would really be a shame to see Odom go deeper and darker. He was a team player, and seemed like a good guy who got lost in the usual traps of life.

OK, perhaps I’m taking that too seriously, so let’s get on with the 2014 resolutions for Lamar Odom. If you can think of better resolutions, leave a comment below or contact me on my Twitter and Facebook pages linked on the next line. Happy New Year!

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Get a Less Famous Girlfriend

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Lamar Odom needs to go opposite. He needs some more “girl from coffee shop” or “girl from therapist office” in his phone contacts. Anything that ends in Kardashian, Hilton or Lohan … Stay clear.

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Read “Coaching for Dummies” Book

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If he works at it, he could have a few more years of solid playing, but it might be smart for him to look into coaching as a means to an end for the years to come.

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Avoid Playing in D League

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For Odom, the “D” in D-League stands for depression. Playing in the D-League for his caliber of play and for his emotional state is a recipe for more downward spiraling.

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Move Out of Los Angeles

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Odom needs to get out of Los Angeles, not only to get further away from his Kardashian life, but also to just make a new start somewhere. Between the Lakers and Clippers, he’s spent too much time in Hollywood.

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Get into Shape

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Finally, above all else, Odom needs to get into good playing shape so he can finish out his playing career with pride. He doesn’t need to worry about championships, he just needs to make a good showing and retire with class.