Is It Time For Cleveland Cavaliers To Give Up On Dion Waiters?

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

There was a huge sense of shock around the NBA when the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted Dion Waiters in the 2012 draft, and it’s still unclear whether that was a wise move or not. Waiters has shown great potential at times, but if rumors are to be believed, he is a major disruption in the locker room and he values himself above the team.

Can the Cavaliers upgrade their roster by trading him, or would it be best to stand by their shooting guard?

Dion has been limited to a bench role recently, but he has let his basketball do the talking. He has been a revelation in recent games, and is often the Cavaliers’ highest scorer. Dion has the ability to perform superbly on both ends of the court and he can win a game with ease when he is in form. But if his attitude is the problem it’s suggested to be, what can the Cavaliers do?

Rumors recently suggested that he had asked to be traded, but Dion has since vehemently denied them. It seems pretty clear that he wants to remain in Cleveland and prove he was worth the draft pick they used on him.

Waiters seems to be constantly improving, and that’s the player a team like the Cavaliers need to keep no matter what. Attitude can be a problem in the NBA, but it’s never stopped other players from being a great team player, so the Cavaliers would be best to stay loyal to the man they’ve always stated they believe in.

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