LeBron James Annihilated Rookie Ben McLemore on Huge Dunk as Miami Heat Rout Kings

By Cody Williams
LeBron Heat McLemore Dunk
Steve Mitchell – USA Today Sports Images

There are a few things that just about anyone who has watched the NBA over the past decade can tell you about Miami Heat star LeBron James. He’s one of the most versatile and physically imposing players in the league. He’s built like an NFL-caliber tight end. He can jump really high. If he’s coming down the lane with a full head of steam, you should probably just move out of the way and keep your dignity and life in-tact.

Someone must have forgotten to tell Sacramento Kings rookie Ben McLemore about that last factoid, because this happened on Friday night:

What do you even say to McLemore after that? Do you tell him that everything is going to be okay, that tomorrow is another day? Do you just hold him and let him cry it out? Well someone apparently had other ideas, like update his Wikipedia profile to say that LeBron had, in fact, ended his life:

The updating the death of athletes via dunks on Wikipedia has been done before, so that gets a C in originality, but the fact that I still find it funny makes me give it a B+ overall in terms of comedy.

James’ dunk on McLemore was pretty indicative of how the rest of the game played out. The Heat dominated the final three quarters of play on their way to a 122-103 victory as LeBron and Chris Bosh led the way in scoring. James finished with 18 points, eight assists, six boards, and one decimation of a rookie.

As for McLemore, you have to give the youngster his due for responding with a solid game where he scored 20 points on 8-13 shooting and 4-7 shooting from three. However, no one’s really going to remember that. Sadly for the Kings rookie, the memory of him in this game will simply be that he’s on LeBron’s latest poster.

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