Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant Injury May Be Blessing In Disguise

By Brian Anderson
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers was injured recently and is expected to miss at least six weeks of NBA action. This is devastating news for not only Lakers fans, but the entire league as well. Bryant is one of those players you want to see walk off on his own terms; not swept away by injuries.

Charles Barkley had some controversial comments in regard to the situation, stating that Lakers should sit their Hall-of-Fame guard for the remainder of the season — in hopes of preserving health for next year. That would be the only logical reason, unless Barkley has some dark, hidden and indirect feelings about Bryant — which is something I doubt because Barkley did put Bryant over LeBron James on his top 10 players of all-time list earlier this year.

I’m going to totally disagree with Chuck on this one. There’s no way the Lakers and their fans would want Kobe to sit it out. I would love to hear his opinion on the Robert Griffin III situation if he feels that way about Bryant. If Kobe is going to get healthy enough, then we all know that he’s going to return this season — like it or not Chucky. He was having the best game of his roller coaster season when the injury occurred and I know he would of kept on improving from that point on. It is just too bad that we’ll have to wait to see how this story ends. Still, this is nothing like Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls. Rose isn’t as mentally tough as Bryant is and he put that out there for the entire world to see; even if he tried to hide it beneath his silence.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bryant missed a little less or even a little more time than projected. That’s just the type of player he is — a Black Mamba can strike at any time and be extremely effective while doing so. This man will return, using this injury as fuel to burn up all of the doubt twirling around in the minds of those Kobe haters. The Lakers now have a little more time to find their identity and make some roster changes if necessary. It won’t be a bad thing for Kobe, but this team will be better when we start to close in on his return down the road. This injury is truly a blessing in disguise and the truth will come to light soon. Kobe is too tough on the inside and outside to sit out the entire year and he’s too good not to produce on the floor — expect greatness.

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