Why Have The Cleveland Cavaliers Improved Recently?

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

A little under a month ago, it seemed like the basketball world was about to end in Cleveland. This was supposed to be the year they truly improved, the one in which they possibly made the playoffs, and then attempted to entice “The King,” LeBron James, back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it wasn’t panning out in this way. The Cavaliers were not only losing a large amount of their games, but they weren’t even close in a many of them. This has changed, and now the Cavaliers are showing why the NBA world’s previous beliefs could still come true.

The Cavaliers are now looking at the playoff spots, rather than the basement of the NBA standings. But why, you ask? Firstly, new coach Mike Brown brought in a new system and made many changes, which many admitted they were struggling to adapt to. Time helps people to improve, and the Cavaliers have shown their work ethic can pay off and that all they needed was time.

Another reason the Cavaliers have improved is because of their guards. Both Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters have been sensational, proving a tough duo for any NBA defense. Recently, the Cavaliers faced the in form Portland Trail Blazers, and although mistakes were still littered across their play, they were a far better team and nearly won, only losing by three points, to a last second buzzer-beater. In this game, both Kyrie and Waiters were clutch for large parts and ensured their team always had a chance of winning.

With patience, time and confident form across the guard positions, the Cavaliers have rebuilt their season and ensured this will not be another wasted year, as long as they continue to work hard, that is.

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