Brooklyn Nets: Defense Lets Them Down In Overtime Loss to Philadelphia 76ers

By Mark Wilson
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The more hope and trust I put into the Brooklyn Nets the more they tend to let me down.

This was the Philadelphia 76ers, the same team you just dropped 130 points on Monday night. I know Joe Johnson was not around to drain 10 three-pointers but still. The schedule favored the Nets to go on a nice winning streak before the crap hit the fan and the league’s elite jumped ball with them. That time has come and gone, and the Nets are still at the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

Mirza Teletovic is showing he wants playing time whether as a starter or a role player, and his last coupe of performances should earn him that right. Paul Pierce is playing like the Pierce of a few years ago, and Alan Anderson has stepped up big time with his increased minutes.

Brook Lopez continues to dominate any center or low block defender thrown his way, but he still has not managed to control the rebounding part of a basketball game. Deron Williams played another good game, but the absence of Kevin Garnett and Johnson should not be an excuse for a loss to a bottom-feeder like the 76ers.

Defense is the key to winning, and right now the Nets do not know how to play any. Lopez is too slow to control the paint and rotate once his teammates get beat off the dribble. Garnett tries, but he does not have the same energy in his legs that he used to. In order for this team to make a run, the defense is going to have to step up to the challenge and save the season.

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