Can Paul Pierce Turn Back The Clock And Save Brooklyn Nets?

By Mark Wilson
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe he had enough of the losing, and maybe he saw enough of the pain in his teammates’ eyes. As a player you know when things are about to bottom out, and you try your best to stop it.

You are only human and can only do but so much until you realize you need some help, badly. Paul Pierce has been the heart ad soul of the Brooklyn Nets since arriving this offseason. Kevin Garnett was supposed to be that since he held that title in his two previous stops in Minnesota and Boston, but Pierce has taken over that title this year.

The injury was supposed to sideline him for a month or so, but Pierce could not stand to watch his team go through the losing and rough patches they were facing so he decided to man up and hit the floor. Then he told Jason Kidd that he would like to come off the bench in place of Alan Anderson who was playing great in his absence. This is what a leader does — something that Garnett has not truly accepted yet. Garnett should have gone to Kidd and gave up his position to Andray Blatche, but maybe in due time.

With Pierce on the floor the Nets went on a little streak, and now they have fallen back to earth — but the play of Pierce has not. His scoring is what has kept the Nets in these games to the end, but he needs help pulling out the victories.

A leader is a person that is willing to put the team before the individual and sacrifice everything for the goal of a championship. Right now the Nets are struggling just to make the playoffs, but Pierce is trying to put his team on his back and carry them as far as he can until someone else decides to step up and help carry the load.

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