How Important Are Cleveland Cavaliers' Fans?

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

It can seem cliche at times, but the importance of a supportive fan base is not one to be dismissed. The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a season of mixed fortunes so far, but one thing is evident even at this early stage. They are a tough proposition at home, but they are awful at away arenas.

Although the home advantage doesn’t help everyone, Cleveland has a very supportive group of fans, and it’s obvious that the players are depending on their positive energy to shoot up the NBA standings.

When the Cavaliers welcomed the Portland Trail Blazers to their arena on Tuesday, it was obvious that Portland were the better team, so why were the Cavaliers in the game until the final second? Their fans were making noise all game and supporting the struggling franchise, showcasing their belief in their players. The players responded and made crucial shots in the clutch moments, helping to bring them back to touching distance.

Although the Cavaliers have a great set of fans and play much better at home, they will need to learn to adapt and get wins on the road. For now, the Cavaliers need to continue their impressive home form and attempt to make their home a fortress that no team enjoys visiting.

The Cavaliers have the basics in place, but they need time, consistency and a bit of luck and they will find what they are looking for. Until then, the fans and the players need each other as much as one another. Cleveland, your fans need you!

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