Is Blake Griffin The Answer For Los Angeles Clippers?

By Greg Douglas
Blake Griffin
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers have long been the younger brother of the Los Angeles Lakers, but is this the season the tides start start to turn? The Clippers have talent all around the floor and future Hall-of-Famer Doc Rivers coaching the team, but just how far can the Clippers go in a deep Western Conference?

The Clippers have relished in the lob city moniker, but that is not necessarily a good thing. The Clippers have been about flash and highlight-reel plays, but that will not win the team a championship. Blake Griffin might be one of the more entertaining players in the league, but he is nowhere near being one of the best players in the NBA.

The Clippers remained relevant in the Western Conference with a 112-91 win over the Denver Nuggets. While Griffin had 24 points and 16 rebounds in one of the better games of his career, Jamal Crawford led the way with 27 points and a dominant performance. The Clippers are now 19-9 and sit in fourth in the Western Conference, but is this the year the Clippers finally make a run in the playoffs?

The Clippers are good for packing the arena, but the team is not a true championship contender. In a league of superstar-driven teams, the Clippers only possess one true star in Chris Paul. Paul is the unspoken leader of the team and is one of the best point guards in the league, but he cannot carry this team to a championship alone.

Griffin is good for a few highlight plays, but he will never lead a team to a championship. Should the Clippers trade Griffin to acquire pieces that will help the team win a championship?

Griffin has not improved his shooting efficiency in the four years he has been in the league, and his free throw shooting efficiency is one of the worst in the league. His numbers are inflated due to his numerous dunks, and his reputation for being soft does not help the Clippers. Griffin might be showtime, but he will never be big-time, and sooner or later the Clippers will have to part ways with him in order to win a championship.

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