Is Cleveland Cavaliers' Anthony Bennett Showing Signs of Improvement?

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

When the Cleveland Cavaliers gained the no. 1 pick in the 2013 NBA draft, some said they’d struck lightning again, but others said it was one of the worst drafts possible, with no good option for the Cavaliers to turn to. Were these critics right? The Cavaliers shocked the NBA and went for Anthony Bennett, but is he proving to be more costly than helpful?

At first Bennett, was labelled overweight and “not good enough”, but everybody said “he needs time”. About a third into his rookie season, what have we seen from the young Canadian player? He has been involved in 20 of the Cavaliers’ games, and has shown little promise if any. The rookie shooting forward is averaging 2.2 points per game and two rebounds per game.

Surely, the Cavaliers would have been better off drafting Victor Oladipo to increase their bench depth rather than waste time on Bennett, right?

The Cavaliers didn’t know who they wanted and although they wouldn’t admit it, they probably wish they’d never selected Bennett. Even when a player struggles, usually fans look for potential and their ability to break out at the NBA level, but Bennett doesn’t even shoot like an NBA player. Every shot seems hopeful, and it’s hard to remember he is an NBA player at times and not a fan that joined the players on the court.

It might seem a harsh assessment, but it’s difficult to see Bennett improving, especially with the playoff aspirations the Cavaliers hold. Bennett could become a good NBA player, but it’s looking increasingly like he is one of the biggest busts to be drafted at no. 1 in the NBA draft.

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