Should Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Anderson Varejao?

By kennethbrown
David Banks- USA TODAY Sports

It seems like years have gone by in which Anderson Varejao has been involved in the latest trade rumors, but will the Cleveland Cavaliers finally trade their long-serving star? There were suggestions that they’d be willing to trade him in a deal to land Omer Asik or another star that could help them on their rebuilding mission, but what will it take for the Cavaliers to say goodbye to their loved superstar?

He is the last player remaining from the LeBron James era and one of the fans’ most-adored players in recent years, but is now the time to trade him? He has missed large portions of games in the last few seasons, and he is at the tender age of 31, not likely to become a healthy player for many years. The Cavaliers can still land an impressive draft pick or use him as part of a package deal to entice a top NBA player to their team.

There have been talks between several teams with Varejao tipped to be apart of the deal, but the Cavaliers do still appear to be reluctant to let him leave. Not only should the Cavaliers make this trade for them, but it’s time to let Anderson have a chance of winning an NBA title, or at least an opportunity to experience life with another NBA team before it’s too late.

With the Cavaliers seemingly blessed in Varejao’s position, they will finally trade him before the upcoming deadline. It’ll be a sad departure for the Cavaliers fans to adjust to, but it’s one that will benefit the franchise in many ways.

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