Golden State Warriors Seeing Solid December from Andrew Bogut

By Cody Williams
Bogut Warriors Curry
Kyle Terada – USA Today Sports Images

Andrew Bogut was never going to be the primary offensive option for the Golden State Warriors. For a team with arguably the best shooting backcourt in the NBA in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, as well as solid offensive players like Andre Iguodala and David Lee, their offense really doesn’t necessitate Bogut to be a huge force offensively.

However, Bogut’s value is derived in other areas. Though this Warriors team has proven to have its lapses defensively this season, Bogut is the anchor on the interior. Golden State is almost a point better per 100 possessions with Bogut on the floor, which is no accident. Moreover, his rebounding, interior passing, and his reliability as an occasional offensive option all prove to be valuable to this Warriors team.

As of late, it seems that Bogut has been settling into a groove. In the first month of the season, Bogut averaged 7.4 points, 9.6 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 1.8 blocks in 29.1 minutes per game while shooting 54 percent from the floor and struggling from the foul line at 37.5 percent.

Through 11 games in December, though, Bogut has been on a tear. He has averaged 8.1 points, 12.5 rebounds, one assists and 1.8 blocks in 27.2 minutes per game while improving his shooting percentage to 68.3 percent from the floor. He’s still struggling from the foul line, but his overall impact has certainly increased, particularly with him being more efficient with his offensive chances and being the sixth most productive rebounder in the league this month.

It may seem a bit trivial, but Bogut’s rebounding is huge for the Warriors. This team loves to get out and run and put a ton of points on the board. When Bogut is rebounding at this level, that allows this team more possessions and more opportunities to score, which is vital for their style of play. Bogut certainly doesn’t carry the wow factor that other Warriors do, but it’s a fool’s errand to say that he’s not important to what this team wants to do.

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