Indiana Pacers' Lance Stephenson Quickly Becoming One Of NBA's Most Exciting Players

By Dylan Hughes
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Lance Stephenson has had a spectacular season so far, and one thing that has made the season so great is his triple-double-ish production every night. Heading into Sunday’s game against the Boston Celtics, Stephenson had two triple-doubles, one against Boston. After Sunday night’s rout of the Celtics, it seems Stephenson has a joy of putting on a show when facing the boys in green as he dropped his third triple-double of the season.

Stephenson is a top candidate for most improved player of the year so far into the season, and stacking up these trip-dubs is surely helping his case. In a 106-79 blowout, Stephenson dropped 12 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.

Stephenson is surely becoming one of the most exciting players in the league to watch as he is the Indiana Pacers‘ one-man fast break, and makes ridiculous plays almost every game. Whether it’s a sweet pass or a powerful jam, Stephenson always gets the crowd reeling no matter where they’re playing.

Playing back home in New York Monday night against the Brooklyn Nets will definitely be a good time for Stephenson to showcase his skills to his friends and family, although I’m sure they’ve already seem them enough.

Stephenson is a big part of what the Pacers have done this season, and that will surely continue throughout the season. He is a very electric and exciting player to watch even if you aren’t a Pacers fan, and will continue to entertain as the season rolls on.

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