Is Lack of A Real Rivalry Hurting Cleveland Cavaliers?

By kennethbrown
David Banks- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a tough season to date, but there are positives that leave many thinking there’s a competitive team in the making. Why can’t the Cavaliers rise to the occasion, especially when they’re on the road? When LeBron James was a Cavalier, they developed big rivalries with the likes of the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic, but now they have no real rivalry to get the blood flowing.

The closest thing they have is their local rivalry with the Detroit Pistons, who they welcome to the Quicken Loans Arena on December 23.

The Pistons and the Cavaliers are both in similar positions. Both are young teams trying to become the force they once were. The rivalry between the two could possibly help to ignite their seasons and the future of their franchises. The Cavaliers have been excellent at home and the Pistons have been excellent on the road, so something has got to give in this exciting game.

Sports are often built around rivalries, but with the Cavaliers floating around the middle of the NBA and recently being a basement team, it’s easy to see why they’re finding it difficult to motivate themselves. When they face a top team, they’re not good enough to win the majority of those encounters; when they face the worst teams, they are often expected to win and sometimes feel the pressure of those expectations.

With the Cavaliers looking to enter the playoffs this season, it’s important that they find every bit of motivation they can. Maybe, just maybe, their local rivalry with the Pistons is one they can develop and use to find the spark they’ve missed over the past few seasons.

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