Kemba Walker Should Be Considered An All-Star But NBA Fan Base Won't Let Him

By danielcarney
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Gone are the days where the best NBA players are selected to the NBA’s biggest showcasing of talent. Gone are the days where we see the players who truly should be voted in get the nod.

Today, it is a whole new scenario, and it’s a situation we see occur every single year that fans of the NBA cast their choice of players who should be named All-Stars online.

Its a popularity vote, and that is something fans must start to understand. In today’s game, it seems people tend to vote for the players they find to be most popular and looking to be All-Stars over the course of their careers, rather than how they have performed in the given season.

Before we get to the key man in this article (Kemba Walker), let’s bring up an example that will further prove the point I am arguing, Kobe Bryant. He is a great player and a true legend that will be an easy first ballot Hall of Famer. Look at him this season and tell me if you think he should be an All-Star. Yes, injury has occurred and it has taken away from his season, but does that truly mean that just because of a majority vote based on popularity that he should be named an All-Star? Heck no! If Bryant gets voted into the 2014 game in New Orleans this year, it would truly be a shame, and the funny thing is, he is currently one of the top voted players in the West!

Now, how does this relate to the young and rising Walker? You wouldn’t even guess how much Bryant’s All-Star situation reflects on the former Uconn Husky.

Walker truly has been one of the best stories in the NBA this season, as he has taken the critics by storm and proven that the Charlotte Bobcats can be a contender in the crumbling Eastern Conference throughout his incredible performances. Not only has Walker transformed the Cats into a team that looks like true competitors, but he has also proven that he can be one of the top guards within the East. Has Kyrie Irving played better than Walker? Maybe in some people’s minds, but does that really take away from Walker’s standpoint against other guards in the East? No.

Walker has transformed into a player that can truly carry a team to a playoff berth and knock down top talents along the way. He has overplayed top guards and led the Cats over teams, including Irving  and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets, and Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

Done are the excuses where people say Walker can only compete well against bottom conference teams, as he has taken down teams that were felt as unmatchable for Charlotte. The Miami Heat matchup was one of the scenarios where the Walker-led Cats came up just short as they were defeated by one point in a game that saw 27 points from the former Husky.

Now, back to Bryant’s injuries. How does this relate to the new face of the Cats’ franchise? Rajon Rondo. Rondo has not played in a single game this season, and is still gaining a surplus of views over the extremely impressive Walker.

Extremely impressive? Am I going to far? Not at all. By the standards people were giving the third year guard in the beginning of the season, NBA fans should be blown away with just how much Walker has proven the critics wrong.

John Wall is another option who you could put in place for guards in the East, but people truly won’t consider Walker because, once again, he isn’t as popular as big name talents. He isn’t what fans picture as a top player.

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