Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Don't Need Omer Asik

By kennethbrown
Andrew Richardson- USA TODAY Sports

Given all of the recent Omer Asik and Houston Rockets trade rumors you would think the trade deadline is fast approaching — it’s not. Houston didn’t trade Asik, despite their self-imposed deadline, but could the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers still make a play for the talented center?

With the superstar Dwight Howard in his position there’s only a spot on the bench for Asik in Houston, so it’s understandable that he wants to move his talents to another team. There were suggestions the Cavaliers could be involved in a trade to either land Asik themselves or to help him move to another team.

Asik is a natural center and cannot be used in another position. It makes sense for teams stacked at that position to have doubts over making a trade for his services, especially as they would have to give up some valued talent themselves. One worry the teams are having, especially the Cavaliers, are the expenses that he brings to his new franchise. He is due to earn near $15 million next season which would hurt the Cavaliers’ free agent hopes. Perhaps it’s best they spend their money elsewhere.

The Cavaliers could benefit from sorting out their own center problems, but they have plenty of options on their roster. For the trade and salary cost, Asik wouldn’t be a worthy addition at this moment in time. Asik will be traded sooner rather than later, but Houston will have to lower their expectations. There’s more chance of the Cavaliers being a third party in any Asik trade than landing the star himself.

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