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10 Ways Miami Heat Can Help LeBron James Get Another Ring

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10 Ways Miami Heat Can Help LeBron James Get Another Ring

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James has been dominating the NBA since he came into the league over a decade ago. After some initial struggles, which would have been considered unequivocal successes for most players, James finally broke through and started winning championships two years ago. Now he finds himself on the quest for a third straight ring, but this one will be his toughest to win.

For starters, the Miami Heat finally have a true challenger to their throne in the Eastern Conference. Where the last two years were just a formality when it came to the Heat making the finals, this season the Indiana Pacers have a real chance to best them come playoff time. James and company would like to downplay the budding rivalry -- and rightly so until the Pacers actually beat them on a regular basis -- but they have to know deep down that they will give them all they can handle this spring.

Age and the effects of time have taken their usual toll on James and his teammates as well. All-Star Dwyane Wade is not the player he used to be, and Chris Bosh isn’t dominant on a regular basis. If James is going to find himself amongst the elite superstars who have won more than two rings he’s going to need more than ever from his supporting cast.

James is the best player in the NBA by far. He is so consistently great that it’s easy to forget how good he really is. He’s well on his way to more championships, and these are the ten things the Heat can do to help him get another ring this season.

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10. Get Some More Three-Point Shooting

Three-Point Shooting
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The Heat are at their best when they can spread the floor with three-point shooters, making room for James to operate. They would do him a favor if they acquired another good outside shooter.

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9. Trade For A Big Man

Tyson Chandler
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

If the Heat want to beat the Pacers in the playoffs they will need a big man who can match up with Roy Hibbert down low.

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8. Give Him Plenty Of Rest

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season is long and grueling, even more so when you throw in a playoff run. James has gone deep into the postseason every year for the last decade or so. They need him at the best when it matters the most, so they need to manage his rest well in the second half of the season.

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7. Remind Him To Use His Low Post Game

Low Post Game
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Last year James dominated down the stretch by pounding the ball down low. His outside game can be so devastating that it's easy to forget he's really built like an old-school power forward. Points are hard to come by in the playoffs, and James can get easy buckets if he bangs down low.

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6. Keep Dwyane Wade Healthy

Dwayne Wade
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James needs his partner in crime, Dwyane Wade, healthy and ready to go come playoff time. Wade has struggled to stay healthy the last year or so, and keeping him fresh is a major priority.

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5. Earn The No. 1 Seed In The East

No. 1 Seed
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The Pacers are the only real threat to keep James from another appearance in the Finals this year. So far the home team has won both games between them in the regular season. The Heat would love to know they have Game 7 at home in their back pockets.

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4. Ratchet Up The Defense

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

When the Heat are at their best they feed off their defense. They need to use the second half of the season to prime the defense and get it ready for playoff intensity.

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3. Get Chris Bosh More Involved In The Offense

Chris Bosh
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There was once a time when Chris Bosh was considered a franchise-type player. His mid-range jump shot opens things up for the rest of the team on the offensive end.

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2. Go On A Run In The Second Half Of The Season

Second Half Run
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last season the Heat keyed their championship run with a dominant stretch in the second half of the season. They need to remind the rest of the league who the best team really is.

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1. Keep Him Motivated

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

It must be hard for James to be motivated at this point. He's answered all his critics as emphatically as you possibly could, won championships, MVPs and Gold Medals. At this point the only thing keeping him from utterly dominating the league is his own motivation.

Hey LeBron: If you're reading this, everyone still hates you from that time you used your employment decision announcement to raise money for underprivileged kids. Oh, and Paul George is better than you! (You're welcome)