Bad Calls In The Miami Heat's Favor Ruining The NBA

By Brian Anderson
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Basketball games are usually decided by which team out plays the other en route to ending the game with a higher score than the opponent. While that may be the case for most of the league, the Miami Heat have been the lone exception as of late. The Heat have been hand fed multiple games due to bad calls from the referees. It seems like more players than ever are complaining about being treated unfairly by the officials. To me, it is evident that the Heat are getting more love from the officials than any team in the NBA.

Remember, not too long ago, everyone was talking about the no-call on LeBron James in the Heat’s close win over the Indiana Pacers. James placed his hand on Paul George as he went up for a game-tying three point shot. There was no whistle and the Heat went on to win the game in cheap fashion. Most people felt like the Pacers got a raw deal and they were right. Plays of that magnitude need to be called consistently. Sweeping bad calls under the rug only makes room for more controversy. I don’t know if it is a matter of the NBA not caring or if they are behind all of this madness, laughing and enjoying their wealthy holidays while players and fans deal with the frustration of being robbed.

The Heat’s 121-119 win Monday night over the Atlanta Hawks was again filled with controversy. They found themselves down three with a little more than eight seconds left to go; most teams have no chance to win the game at that point, but of course, not the Heat. With the help of the referees, the Heat would go on to tie the game up on a bogus call sending Ray Allen to the line to shoot and make three free throws. There was no evidence of any foul, but it came as no surprise to me that a whistle was blown. The refs knew the Heat were going down, and they had to do something about it. I feel like there’s a memo that is passed around before the beginning of each year reminding the officials that they must do everything in their power to assist the Heat when they’re in tight spots.

Remember when this version of the Heat won their first NBA Championship over the Oklahoma City Thunder? The win that sparked their four-game winning streak had come on some bad no calls by the refs. James was allowed to illegally disrupt more than a few of Kevin Durant‘s game winning or game tying shot attempts. The series would continue to be ruined by bad calls and poor refereeing from that point. It was too bad because the Thunder were good enough to take the Heat to seven games without the referee’s influence.

The bad calls or missed calls are truly becoming an issue. The scary part is that the NBA may continue to completely overlook this matter. The top dogs in the league, including Commissioner David Stern, will defend their officials before they go to bat for a player. It is sad because these players deserve a fair chance. They deserve everything that the Heat have been given over the course of the last three years. Will they ever get that respect? Probably not, but something needed to be said.

I understand if they don’t want to blow the whistle on small calls in the middle of games, but they have to take action late in games when everything is on the line. There should of been a whistle blown on James for fouling George a few nights ago and there should not have been anything called on the Allen three-point attempt on Monday night.

The bad calls are ruining outcomes and will eventually start to deter fans away from watching games if it continues to get out of control. We should not still be talking about things like this come playoff time. The NBA needs to step up and do something about this situation before it is too late.


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