Breaking Down The 5 Most Popular NBA Trade Rumors

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Top 5 Trade Rumors In The NBA

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As usual during this time of the year, the trade rumors in the NBA are spinning out of control, taking on a life of their own. When you have so many teams underachieving, you are going to see a number of teams searching for answers through trades; there just are not many other options for some of the more troubled teams in the league. Although there is a big offseason ahead that is full of quality free agents, most of these teams want to fix things now.

Finding quick fixes will only entice free agents to give those outcast teams a shot. Writers worldwide are collectively trying to make sense of all that talk floating around the NBA. There are an alarming number of solid players whose names are being thrown around; players like Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin and Goran Dragic are three of the most heard names on the trading block. It is yet to be seen whether they will end up with new homes before the deadline.

We all know how unpredictable the NBA is, especially as of late. There may not be any answers before things start to actually happen, but we should talk about what players would fit with what teams, and who is going to land where. Even though we may not be right, there is no harm in stirring up the imagination of NBA fans all over the world. In this post, I want to breakdown five of the most talked about trade rumors out there at the moment.

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5. Pau Gasol - Los Angeles Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers should be considering a trade for Pau Gasol, but talk has seemed to have died down, especially now that Kobe Bryant is down for an extended period of time. Gasol's production has constantly decreased since the Lakers' last NBA Championship and he will continue to slide, regardless of what the organization may believe. Bryant took a lot of heat for forcing Shaquille O'Neal out of town, so I don't think he wants to get too involved in this. If he did, I think he would be all for getting rid of Gasol at this point.

The Lakers need to find a spark by revamping their roster before Bryant does return. It may cause a little issue with the team's chemistry but it would help them in the end. Gasol is a black cloud over this organization. With his large contract and sliding production, he will be extremely hard to move.

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4. Omer Asik - Houston Rockets

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Omer Asik has been one of the hottest names on the market thus far. At one point, there was news that a deal was on the table that had him going to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee. That deal obviously did not happen, and that is too bad, because I think the trade would have helped both teams instantly get better. The Houston Rockets are now saying that they want to keep Asik because they will need a big body to play along with Dwight Howard as the season progresses. I think that is smart, but not an honest answer. It is more about having someone to back up Howard if he is injured again, even if it is for a short period. Not having Asik and Howard out would be a major loss for this team, and they thought about it before they pulled the trigger on any trades -- smart move. The Rockets will not be letting go of Asik this season.

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3. Jeremy Lin - Houston Rockets

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The Houston Rockets again are involved in trade talk that will end up in the garbage. Jeremy Lin's contract makes it tough to move him, and his erratic play does not help. Lin had a lot of hype coming out of New York, but all of that has died down over time. There just isn't any such thing as "Linsanity" anymore, and no one is dying to get a hold of the Harvard graduate at this point. He may have flamed out early, showing signs that he could have already reached his peak. I do not see much room for him to grow and no reason for any team to take a gamble on him at this point.

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2. Goran Dragic - Phoenix Suns

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Why the Phoenix Suns would consider trading away Goran Dragic is beyond me. This team has been surprisingly good thus far, and any roster moves, small or big, would ultimately tamper with their chemistry right now.

Dragic is averaging more than 18 points and around six assists per game. If this team were to trade that production away, then you know they would be getting something great in return. Word is that the Sacramento Kings are one team that may entertain a deal. The Kings have been active already, making a big trade for Rudy Gay. There could be some action there, and depending on what these teams do, they could vastly improve with one big move or a few small changes.

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1. Loul Deng - Chicago Bulls

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The Chicago Bulls are hopeless, in my opinion. They have no reason to act as if they will have a chance to compete for an NBA Championship this season, not without Derrick Rose. This franchise needs to do something while Rose is healthy; making a trade while he is down is just simply irrelevant. Loul Deng has been the target of most of the trade talks around the organization, but I do not think Deng is great trade-bait. You will not get much for him, although he is a solid role-player when your team is running at full strength. No one is actually expecting the Bulls to make any moves, they are just making it seem like they are not tanking in hopes of landing a top three pick in what will be one of the best draft classes in a long time. I am not buying it Chicago. Tank away.