Brooklyn Nets Should Absolutely Be In Panic Mode After Brook Lopez Injury

By Dave Daniels
Brook Lopez
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets got some terrible news after a horrible start to the season that was not anticipated in any way; they recently got the news that starting center Brook Lopez will be out for the year, which effectively ends their hopes of title contention and all but eliminates the playoffs.

“It’s almost like we can’t catch a break,” said starting shooting guard Joe Johnson. “It’s always something every day, every other day somebody goes down. One man comes back, somebody goes down. It’s been tough because it’s hard to gain any chemistry with guys in and out, but I just hate it for the big fella because I know he worked so hard to try to come back and prepare himself for this season, and then coming off an All-Star season I know he wanted to get back to that.”

Well, the center will not get that chance and with all his history with foot injuries his future in pro basketball has to be questioned as well. Always rooting for the big guys to succeed, but when these type of things start to pop up for them repeatedly it is definitely troubling. Keep the faith though Brook, and will be rooting for your healthy return to the league.

For the Nets, they should be in panic mode and rookie head coach Jason Kidd probably did not think things were going to go this rocky, but it is what he signed up for. That is all for pro basketball today and have tomorrow off, but stop by on the 26th for more basketball previews and then we will start to get pumped for a killer 2014 here at Rant Sports.

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