Brooklyn Nets: Was Jason Kidd Wrong To Call Out His Team?

By Mark Wilson

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Was Jason Kidd wrong for calling his team a bunch of quitters?

He is the head coach, shouldn’t he be allowed to express how he feels? Phil Jackson did it many times throughout his storied career. I am not putting Kidd on the same level as Jackson, but maybe what he is doing is trying to light a fire under his players.

The Brooklyn Nets is a team of veteran players who have been in the league for quite a while and have accomplished plenty of individual goals, but nothing as a team. I know that loosing has to take a toll on you, especially when you are paid big money and have disappointed everyone in your locker room and organization, your fans, and your family with your sub-par play. But why is Kidd catching so much flack for his comments?

Is it because he is fresh off of his playing career and hasn’t paid any real dues in the NBA besides a former player? He didn’t sit on an established coach’s bench and learn the proper routine of how to be an NBA coach, nor did he spend a season or two as a commentator giving his two cents like so many other retired players who then jumped into the ranks of coaching. He just retired from the New York Knicks and decided he wanted to try something new, like Michael Jordan and his short lived baseball career.

I can’t put the blame on him, because he still thinks like a point guard and not a coach. If a leader is seeing a teammate not giving their all on the court, he is supposed to get in their face and point them in the right direction. However, as a coach, the microscope is on you a little more and Kidd has not handled that aspect of coaching all too well. This is the time where having Lawrence Frank by his side would have came in handy. He could have just let Frank be the one to get in front of the media and speak Kidd’s mind for him.

This situation is not going to go too well for Kidd. He called his team quitters, and they might as well be, but you are supposed to keep that in house, not in the national media spotlight. Now, you have to face your players that you just threw under the bus and hope they have a little respect for you. If he was looking for a way out of town, I think he might have found his escape route. Who’s the quitter now?

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