Should The Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Tyler Zeller?

By kennethbrown
Ken Blaze- USA TODAY Sports

When the Cleveland Cavaliers traded up to select Tyler Zeller, some were happy and some suggested that he wouldn’t make the grade. There are many positive aspects in Zeller’s game, but he is the type of player that needs minutes to improve, but with Andrew Bynum and Anderson Varejao already taking up the majority of the minutes, can he get the minutes he needs, or should the Cavaliers trade him?

Zeller doesn’t appear to be to disheartened, as he recently told the media, “I’m just trying to do whatever I can. If it happens, it happens. Just make the best of it.”

This shows that he is ready to go and perhaps needs a break; maybe an injury to a starter would help his chances. Zeller has the tools to succeed, and hard work alongside luck could be just what he needs, but it’s easy to see his future being away from Cleveland.

Zeller was heavily criticized last season, and this season, the fortunes have turned for the center, as fans have suggested that they’d like to see more of their second-year center. Zeller is still young and can have a long, fruitful NBA career, but how long can he sit around the Cleveland sidelines, hoping and praying that luck comes his way? There are teams that could use his talents right now, and perhaps he needs to quietly request a trade.

The Cavaliers will answer a lot of unanswered questions in 2014, and one they certainly need to address, for the team’s and Zeller’s sake, is the future of their center position. Expect Zeller to be traded in 2014, as the Cavaliers will look to stick with the All-Star potential they have in Bynum.

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