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Top 10 Most Hated Players in the NBA

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Most Hated Players in the NBA

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Playing in the NBA can't be easy these days, especially when all players are under such a watchful eye at all times. It seems like NBA players are being judged by their every move and it can almost be too much for them at times. When it comes to judging players, very little can be taken to sway a person's opinion on a certain player and a few off-court and on-court instances can ruin a player's reputation.

While being dubbed "hated" is a very subjective idea, it is usually shared by a large group of people and being hated usually means you aren't doing something right. Being hated by large amounts of people usually means that on or off the court, the player is notorious for getting into trouble or starting fights.

Players can be hated for a number of reasons. For example, Dennis Rodman was hated by many people back in the day because he was crazy off the court, but on the court he was even worse. He was known for starting arguments or mini fights and has been known to kick a cameraman or two.

As a professional athlete, these guys are paid to be great athletes and the term 'role model' comes along with the paychecks. While that's not in the job description, it's implied that these players need to become great influences on the younger generations and even just regular fans of the sport or their favorite teams.

Players can be hated for getting into fights on the court, rubbing opposing fans the wrong way with words or actions and just being way too cocky and arrogant for their own good -- I mean, who likes players like that anyway?

Let's take a look at the most hated players in the NBA and let me know who I've missed. Again, this list is subjective, but likely agreed upon by a majority of NBA fans.

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10. DeMarcus Cousins

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Some might call Cousins a young punk with no respect for his fellow players. He has been known to lash out against his own players and even ask his own organization for a trade -- after just a season in the league. He's also been known to be very immature.

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9. Reggie Evans

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Reggie Evans has been voted the dirtiest player in the NBA by his fellow peers. Just ask Chris Kaman, whose groin was grabbed by Evans intentionally, how much he hated Evans.

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8. Blake Griffin

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While Griffin isn't known for doing anything bad on and off the courts, some people hate him for his excessive, terrible commercials on TV. If not for that, maybe it's his whining attitude on the court if things don't go his way.

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7. Metta World Peace

world peace
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Metta World Peace may have had an attitude adjustment after the Malice at the Palace when he went into the stands and was throwing punches at fans, but he is still a hot-head with a short fuse. It's not easy to like a guy who can snap at any moment.

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6. Rajon Rondo

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Throwing basketballs at referees, bumping into referees and starting fights with other players are just a sampling of what Rondo's hatred brings to the table. This guy has no off switch and he's almost always getting into trouble during games.

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5. Carmelo Anthony

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Talking about playing for a different team in 2014-15 before the 2013-14 season even starts is not a way to even make your own New York Knicks fans like you. Carmelo is one of the most selfish players in the league and it shows by his cocky attitude and inability to pass the ball.

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4. Kevin Garnett

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Garnett is known as one of the most hated players in the NBA and has been for years because of his poor attitude on the court. He has been known to spark fires under players and intentionally try to get under their skin so they throw the first punch. If there is anyone who is known to aggravate players and fans alike, it's him.

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3. Kobe Bryant

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While many people love Kobe, he is also hated by many people for his cocky responses to media questions and arrogant attitude on the court. He is still one of the best players of all time.

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2. LeBron James

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Not getting a call? Complain. Lose a game? Complain. Playing for a team that comes just a couple games short of winning a title? Leave for a better team. This guy is the epitome of a hated player -- it's just so hard to like him when he's so good and he knows it and isn't afraid to show it.

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1. Dwight Howard

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Baby Dwight had quite the past couple of years. Demanding trades, angering fans and getting coaches fired led him to be No. 1 on this list. You never know what Dwight is capable of doing next.