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5 Roster Moves That Would Benefit Brooklyn Nets

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5 Moves That Charlotte Bobcats Need To Make

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If I’m Billy King, I’m still smiling but I want to smile a lot wider.

The season has been a disaster so far for the Brooklyn Nets, but yet they still sit only 2.5 games out of first place in the Atlantic Division. They are still within striking distance, but its obvious that a few changes have to be made first.

In order for the Nets' season to be saved. It's time to let go and hit the reset button while there is still plenty of season left to make a serious run. I know injuries have taken its toll on the roster, but so has age and NBA mileage.

The roster still has potential, but the Nets will look like a YMCA rec league team instead of contenders after this season. As a fan, I would hate to see certain players go, but I also want this team to win and I know that moves are necessary. Some of the trades don’t have to be big-time headline-making deals. A few pieces here and there, and the Nets could be rolling again.

Here are five moves that would benefit the Charlotte Bobcats.

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5. Trade For Omer Asik

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With Brook Lopez out for the rest of the season, it's time to find a true low-post threat. If the Nets are counting on Kevin Garnett to lead them as a center, then they're really in trouble. Asik wants to be out of Houston and the Rockets want him gone. It's a deal waiting to happen.

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4. Trade For Luol Deng

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The Chicago Bulls have been trying to get rid of their All-Star for two years now, and the Nets will be the perfect place for him to land. His scoring and all-around play will do wonders for this team.

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3. Get Andrei Kirilenko Back On The Court

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His back issues has kept him out most of the season, and the Nets are suffering with his absence. His versatility adds a dimension that makes the Nets' second unit so explosive. He is a great defender who can create shots for himself and others, plus he is a team guy in every sense of the word. They need him back.

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2. Trade Tyshawn Taylor and Tornike Shengelia

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The Nets are in desperate need for draft picks, and these two players barely see the court. There are teams in the league that desperately need role players, and they can probably blossom elsewhere because Kidd has not found a role for either player.

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1. Find A New Coach

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Kidd’s time has come and went with the Nets. It’s time to replace him with a coach that has a strong presence on and off the court. The players need a coach who will demand greatness and hold each of them responsible for their mistakes, and not throw them under the bus because he can’t get his team to play the way way he feels they should.