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Boston Celtics Rumors: 5 Potential Landing Spots for Jeff Green

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Jeff Green's Days As A Celtic May Be Numbered

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The Boston Celtics have been rumored to be willing to part ways with Jeff Green because the Houston Rockets have begun actively seeking trade partners for the unhappy Omer Asik. Surprisingly, the Celtics immediately expressed interest in bring Asik to Boston, even though he basically quit on the Rockets the moment they signed Dwight Howard this offseason. Green leads the Celtics in scoring with 16.1 per game, but Boston is obviously enamored with the idea of adding another inside presence to their current lineup.

Green has struggled over the course of his last five games, as his scoring average has taken a dip to only 10.6, but he has the potential to deliver a 30-point outing in any game. The Celtics lack another perimeter player that has the ability to score on a consistent basis, and Asik will not be the answer for the offensive struggles.

Fortunately for Green, if the Celtics truly are willing to deal their leading scorer for a center that averaged just 10.1 points per game in his lone season as a starter, there will be plenty of teams willing to add Green to their lineup. There aren't many teams in the NBA that would conceivably be willing to pass up the opportunity.

Obviously, the rumored deal to bring Asik to Boston hasn't happened yet, but it could definitely take place before the trade deadline. If it does here, are five potential teams that Green could end up playing for when all is said and done.

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5. Memphis Grizzlies

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The Memphis Grizzlies have to be regretting the Rudy Gay deal to a certain extent, and adding Jeff Green may make up for some of the disappointment of Tayshaun Prince's 6.0 points per game. Memphis seems to be prepared to throw in the towel on this season, and have begun offering up Zach Randolph in trade discussions. Maybe the Celtics will show some interest in Randolph and forget all about the Omer Asik deal, and send Green to Memphis.

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4. Houston Rockets

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As the Houston Rockets continue to offer Omer Asik to teams, they may just settle for a Jeff Green-for-Asik trade. Green has the versatility to play any position from shooting guard to power forward, and he could allow the Rockets to space the floor with four shooters around Dwight Howard. This deal would make the Rockets almost impossible to defend as they would have a dominant center inside, surrounded by perimeter players that can make open jump shots and penetrate defenses at will.

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3. Oklahoma City Thunder

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The Oklahoma City Thunder won't admit this, but the addition of Kendrick Perkins has put them in a compromised position against certain teams. In the 2012 NBA Finals, Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks had a difficult time playing Perkins against the Miami Heat and their small lineup because Perkins struggled to defend against on-ball screen action. Perkins also has a difficult time extending his defense on players who prefer to shoot from outside. Obviously, when the Thunder made the Jeff Green for Perkins deal, they thought they would have to contend with Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol of the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs year after year, but now that the Lakers are no longer contenders, the Thunder would love to have Jeff Green's versatility back.

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2. Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers were very interested in landing Jeff Green in free agency back in 2012. The Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets and Cavaliers have very recently engaged in trade discussions that would have sent Omer Asik to Boston, Anderson Varejao to Houston and Jeff Green to Cleveland. For some reason, the Cavaliers backed out of the conversation, which put a halt to the deal. If Anthony Bennett continues to struggle for the Cavaliers, then Cleveland would be forced to reenter the discussion to add Green to their roster.

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1. Boston Celtics

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If the Boston Celtics are serious about bringing in Omer Asik, it's hard to imagine that Jeff Green would be the player to be sacrificed. Sure, he has struggled over the course of his past five games, but he still is the Celtics' most reliable scorer. The Celtics would likely have to face the possibility of starting Gerald Wallace in Green's place if he were traded, and I'm sure Boston doesn't really want to have to do that.