Could The Cleveland Cavaliers Land Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James in 2014?

By kennethbrown
Debby Wong- USA TODAY Sports

As the new year approaches, teams are already starting to look at ways to improve their teams via trade or the more likely option of free agency. There have been serious rumors of a LeBron James homecoming to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but if they fail to land their former hero could they make a move for the unsettled Carmelo Anthony?

The New York Knicks have struggled to put it lightly, playing at a similar level to the Cavaliers, so why wouldn’t Carmelo want to earn big money and play alongside a young, improving team? Anthony is good enough to make any team a contender, and ironically the Cavaliers are missing a superstar of his status while the Knicks are missing a roster like the Cavaliers possess.

Although it’s wishful thinking that either of these players would want to join the Cavaliers, it is possible. The Cavaliers have enough salary cap space to make a move like this, and they have plenty of options to create more space if needed. Although the Cavaliers will remember their playoff days from the LeBron James era, they are no longer the same prospect so enticing Carmelo may prove a task to difficult.

LeBron has Cleveland roots and he is friends with some of the players the Cavaliers currently have on the roster so of course it’s possible that the star could return home. He would be looking out for himself, though, as he would have a young roster to help him towards future success rather than the aging one surrounding him now in Miami.

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